If you had told me in 2010 that some french dude was gonna remake Dune and one of the girls from Disney's "Shake It Up" would be in it, I would tell you "yes, and it will be one of the greatest science fiction films of all time." I might have picked the wrong girl, but still, I would've said that.

@shanecyr I refuse to believe this adaptation of Dune will be mediocre based solely on who is cast even though their roles are speculation.


@shanecyr This isn't to downplay Lynch's version, which I always describe as ambitious, weird, and sloppy, but never as "bad".

@shanecyr People forget how difficult, expensive, and rare it was to articulate a science fiction universe that isn't Star Trek or Star Wars.

@pantse_macabre it was given a bum rap, and Lynch was really kind of screwed in the situation, even smithee'd the released cut. I'm actually hedging, but I want it to be great. And Villeneuve is the only person that makes sense to hand it to in the current landscape. Maybe not only, but seemingly perfect. I just hope they let it be a 3.5 hour movie if that's what it takes. Hollywood is bad at this.

@shanecyr If Avengers: Endgame can release at over three hours, Dune sure as hell should. Rumors say it might be cut into two films at over fours total. I just don't want dumb producer or studio meddling this time, please.

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