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"You don’t have to have your own light. You can reflect someone else’s. That’s what I’m doing, here, and elsewhere: I’m trying to find the light and reflect it. I’m trying to be a reflector, not Human Vantablack." - Austin Kleon

Jackie having a breakdown trying to organise her grief via reorganising kitchen crap is very relatable. "There's no place for the corn holders!" There's never really any good place for the corn holders. You just have to put them inside a container and hope for the best.

Apparently there was backlash (whatever that means) to Roseanne being written off via death-by-opiate-addiction, but if someone has a more appropriate demise for a 45-voting Baby Boomer, I'd love to hear it.

I skipped the Roseanne reboot because Barr was a flaming racist nutbag, so watching the first episode of The Connors means I know who the grownups are, but they're not supposed to be grownups, and who the hell are these kids and John Goodman is SPOOKY THIN and wow, I don't like laugh tracks. Darlene and Becky still make me laugh though.

In short, I am old now?

@zompus look who shows up in ER 8x18! I finally remembered his name without looking it up: Wilson Cruz.

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Instagram ads are weird at the best of times but... wtf?

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Good morning from the corner, where there is only the corner, because fog has swallowed the world.

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'How, in fact, could a nose, which only yesterday was in the middle of his face, and which could not possibly walk around or drive in a carriage, suddenly turn up in a uniform!'

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a field covered with thorns
my path has vanished
but good luck abounds

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Incidentally, I just learned Dav Pilkey is a local author. He lives on Bainbridge Island!

I'm definitely on the ball this week because I've knocked off most of the Christmas list for the Woolet already. Unikitty Lego, Moomin comics boxset, with further plans for robots and playdoh. I prefer spending the Christmas period eating, not shopping.

The cultural weight of the pronunciation of ø seems to be about the same as tomahto/tomayto, and I will never not love a good lingual battle.

MFW I'm watching The Bridge season 2 and Saga says Martin's last name correctly.

Just got heckled by our regular crew of chickadees and sparrows for waiting until the middle of October to start filling the bird feeders again.

Good morning from South Seattle, where you can see your breath in the air, and a girl is playing the flute.

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