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Our supply list for summer these days is:

- dual hose air conditioner for the kitchen/dining/living room area

- basic white box fans that go in the windows overnight, but can also be turned into air filters in a pinch

- Vornado fans for direct cooling but also whole room air circulation

- multiple air purifiers

- long blue ice packs (easier to wrap up and sleep with than rigid small ones)

- air pollution masks

- ice lollies

- linen sheets, thin cotton blankets

- gel cooling pads

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I do endorse the Phil Klay. You can read the title story over on Granta!

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Today I am thinking about wearing sweatpants all winter.

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Pink Street in Lisbon.

GOUACHE and watercolour. I did this during lockdown and I forgot all about it.

The thing about Mike Patton is that when he tells you that you suck you have no choice but to take the crit, because what are you going to do? Argue with the man that learned Italian to write an opera?

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Sandman ep 7 & 8, negativity, positivity 

Woof, what a bum note episode 7 and the beginning of episode 8 was. Just everything that irritates me - needless and repeated exposition, a heavy reliance on linear action (no matter how boring), classism, a little black boy being abused, and a character that's willfully stupid to serve the plot.

On the other hand, when it snapped back into the style of the previous episodes? That was hot shit! Thank christ it wasn't the pattern for the rest of the show!

Clicking through and... that's a lot of lockets. Do you need a locket? This One Famous Literary Writer might have what you're looking for!

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"I’m sorry, but this is a bandoleer aka an ammo belt. For bullets. You can even see the little wear marks from what were probably .30 cartridges. Moshfegh knows this and writes “If you plan to use this for anything other than fashion, please don’t buy it.” "

The 13 weirdest things Ottessa Moshfegh is currently selling online.

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I stayed up all night to try for a bunch of photos in the North Cascades (Washington State) and one of my favorite parts was all of a sudden having the fog arrive, erasing everything. This is one of the last photos I took before it rolled over us, ending any chance of seeing the sun for the rest of the morning. #washington #landscapephotography #mountainview #goodmorning

Or: when you're culturally working class but can now afford avocados.

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Looking through old photos, found this drawing from my kid's first grade class. Tag yourself, I'm "just a little space"

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the permastorm ⛈️

more experiments with colours from 2021, it is still digital at this point and i just couldn't go away from monochrome, otherwise it just didn't go together, i couldn't pick colours anymore 😭

I'm quite happy with this one though!

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