@paperdigits DON'T SAY THAT!

Everyone ignore @paperdigits and double your donations. Thank you!

@ted @paperdigits TOTALLY double your donations - these projects are _all_ worthy of help and support!

@ted hmmm maybe you guys need Inkscape as a Service, the *new* IAAS... for the low low low reoccurring cost of $1499/month?

@paperdigits @ted Does that mean GIMP as a Service is...


/me sees himself out.

@patdavid @paperdigits ironically, still a more appropriate name than GIMP itself.

@paperdigits its not only that it is free, but they also do not lock you into a proprietary formats so you can always hack into your work, or use other tools to edit....

or chances are you won't be locked out of your own work files 10 years from now because the software stopped existing. (Macromedia Director I am looking at you)

@paperdigits that is a straight up lie.

My subscription fees for GIMP and Krita have been doubling every month since I started using them!

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