You'd think that a program which describes itself as a "virtual lighttable" would let you REARRANGE PHOTOS.

"buuut NOOOOOOO...." -- John Belushi


(I have a bunch of #Jenny's school portraits scanned in now. Some have years on the back, some don't, and I'm trying to put them in order so I can figure out the years for the ones that aren't labeled.)

Also: I'd like to have a Word with devs who write GUI apps that don't provide any right-click menu. **#Audacity, I'm looking at YOU.**

@woozle the rearrange feature is coming in 3.0, due out in two or so months. You can obtain a Dev version and use it now.

Having a right click menu... What would it do? It opens alternate means of adjusting a slider's value in darktable.

@paperdigits Good to hear that it's on the way; I'd just have thought it would have been a key feature.

What would a right click do, you ask. {Anything to do with whatever you're clicking on} is how they are usually used. I don't know Darktable well enough to suggest specific features, but for a multi-image-management app in general, I'd expect right-clicking on an image to offer:
- view image full-window
- view image properties
- rename, copy...
- basic image operations (rotate, flip...)

I've loaded up Darktable and am looking at a set of photos whose source files have been moved. The following fx would be useful in this context:
- remove from collection
- properties (path of expected file, especially)
- locate source file (to let you browse for the file's current location)

Also, right-clicking in the margins (not on an image) should bring up colleciton-oriented ops like "clear collection", "delete collection", "save collection as.." and that sort of thing.

@woozle most of the things you mention are already available in the modules in the lighttable view (except rename/copy, which darktable doesn't do).

@paperdigits I'm sure they're available _somewhere_... but a right-click menu would make them more discoverable -- I have not been able to figure out how to do any of them myself -- and save mouse-movements, which is pretty much what right-click menus are for in general.

Instead of {select-item + move-mouse-to-menu + click + move-mouse-to-menu-item + click}, you just {right-click-on-item + move-mouse-to-menu-item + click}, 3 motions instead of 5.

I'm having to restrain myself from venturing into snark about this, because it just seems really obvious to me. Right-clicks greatly enhance usability and discoverability, and I can't think of any reason not to have them.

In Darktable, neither right-click nor even left-click seem to do anything, and that just makes me want to close the app and use something else, rather than digging into the sidebar menus and trying to figure out which things are applicable where.

@woozle I'm just trying to help you with how to use it. I'd appreciate it if you'd stay away from snark, that'd be quite rude. I try to help people in my free time.

What is obvious to you may not be obvious to others. I do know that darktable lets you assign hotkeys to many things and lots of users I know make good use of the hotkeys.

If you don't like the software, then don't use it. There are quite a few FOSS alternatives; we have a nice list going at

I think you may have misapprehended my purpose, then. I wasn't asking for help with the app; I found I was able to do what I needed to do in Caja*. I was objecting to its design.

I have to register a strong disagree with the "if you don't like it, don't use it" meme (rather similar to the "if you don't like it, fork it!" meme much beloved of #techbros).

Bad GUI design is basically an accessibility issue, because a lot of people (like me) need a graphically-intuitive interface in order to be productive.

Major apps such as #Darktable take up a lot of concept-space in the open source ecology and tend to draw interest (user and dev) away from alternatives, as well as setting trends for other apps.

Problems need to be pointed out, not ignored.

* It wasn't as intuitive as click-n-drag, but it was workable. I went to thumbnail view and then used a file-naming scheme for sorting. basically, a file-manager did a basic light-table op better than Darktable currently does.

@woozle if you'd like to object to the design and suggest better, this is the wrong place to do so. The correct place is

@paperdigits Unfortunately, it takes time and focus (both in limited supply for me) to responsibly file trouble-tickets, as a good ticket requires (a) research to avoid duplication and (b) careful thought to properly describe a problem... and (c) I've named several issues, each of which should probably be a separate ticket.

...but I will see what I can do.

I don't truly expect to be heard in that kind of environment, however.


@woozle I don't understand what you mean by "that type of environment."

@paperdigits Perhaps Darktable's dev community is different, but my past experience with filing trouble-tickets is that the dev community tends to be rather social-dominance-oriented. Those perceived as outsiders are generally disregarded, and evidence of novicehood is frequently used as justification for dismissing input.

That said, I *will* give it a try as time permits; my expectations of a positive response are, however, low.

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