The darktable user manual is largely outdated. Problem is it uses an esoteric kind of XML required by a brittle software stack (Saxon) to be compiled into HTML or PDF.
This complexity steers away many contributors.
But thanks to Chris Elston, @secretlifeofmatt and @paperdigits, it is being rewritten in Markdown with a better "tutorial" approach.
Contribute :


@mpjgregoire @darktable @secretlifeofmatt because making everyone learn rst misses the point of having an easily editable source completely.

At some point you have to choose some tools and go for it. We choose a popular tool chain because its popular.

Why not asciidoc? Troff? Nroff? Latex? Our own custom XML format! This argument goes on and on

@paperdigits @darktable @secretlifeofmatt Oh sure, it's desirable to have a mark-up format that's easy to use, but there are several of those. The fact that Markdown is popular is a perfectly good reason to pick that particular format.

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