The darktable user manual is largely outdated. Problem is it uses an esoteric kind of XML required by a brittle software stack (Saxon) to be compiled into HTML or PDF.
This complexity steers away many contributors.
But thanks to Chris Elston, @secretlifeofmatt and @paperdigits, it is being rewritten in Markdown with a better "tutorial" approach.
Contribute :

@darktable @secretlifeofmatt @paperdigits

but why on github and not on @codeberg

Give your free project a free home.


No tracking. Your data is not for sale.

@mondstern because there will always be a newer, cooler and nicer plateform somewhere else, but at some point the job needs to be done. We can't switch platforms every year, it's too much overhead for everyone.

(To be clear, "the job" is developing image processing software, not developing migration scripts and other tools to set the tools to set the tools to do the job).

@secretlifeofmatt @paperdigits @codeberg

@darktable @mondstern @paperdigits @codeberg I really appreciate your huge work, but quitting Microsoft's github is not a matter of features, but privacy and freedom.

@marcelcosta @darktable @codeberg @mondstern I'm sure codeberg is great, but this kind of bikeshedding is not productive.

@paperdigits @darktable @codeberg @mondstern I'm sorry, but I disagree. I was not focusing in codeberg (which may be great) but in Microsoft's github. Personally, the main reason I use most of the free software is because ethical motivation. So is not a trivial aspect.

@marcelcosta @darktable @codeberg @mondstern I'm sorry I don't understand. Are you saying you're not going to contribute because of github? Will you not read the docs because github? Or something else?

@paperdigits @darktable @codeberg @mondstern No, at least at the short run. But Microsoft controlling the majority of the free software is something that concerns me for sure. Do you think it doesn't matter?

"Embrace, extend, extinguish".

@marcelcosta @darktable @codeberg @mondstern They certainly do no control our project. It's git, so you just clone it, then push it somewhere else.

It s disappointing that we are some 800 person hours into rewriting the docs, and all you can say is "ugh, Microsoft." No thanks.

@paperdigits @darktable @codeberg @mondstern If you read my comments, the first think I do is thank your effort and your very good software.

And if you think that the reppository owner don't have some degree of control in the process... well, ok. I'm not saying I will not appreciate your efforts and your software, am I just concerned about Microsoft embrace of the free software community.

@marcelcosta @darktable @codeberg @mondstern when github becomes an obvious hindrance, I'm sure we'll leave. But I don't think anyone in the project sees that yet, even if you still view Microsoft as an existential threat.

@paperdigits @darktable @codeberg @mondstern Wow... 😨 Several things:

1. My intention wasn't judging anyone from the darktable project, a software I love, admire and use for several years (which I explicit in the first message). If anyone felt so, I do apologize.

2. I was not the first asking to move from github, I was just elaborating on other user's comment than moving from github to other free software solutions was a matter of ethics (you can disagree, but the focus is there) rather than more features or coolness. Thats why I don't understand a direct message saying something like "your opinion doesn't bother us".

3.I'm not the only one concernedwith github purchased by Microsoft. Projects like KDE, Gnome or Gimp migrated to gitlab right after the transaction. In addition, developers from some countries were blocked shortly after.

@marcelcosta @darktable @codeberg @mondstern have you read the article you linked? Github blocks those countries not by their own choice, but because the US government tells them they must do so.

If you don't like github, don't use it. We all understand the trade offs being made, and thus far we have reasoned that the effort necessary to move *all the people* (not the code so much) to another platform is not worth it.

@paperdigits @darktable @codeberg @mondstern Why your aggressive attitude? I didn't say being cohoerent with comunitary life was easy, neither when or even if you should do the change.

@marcelcosta @darktable @codeberg @mondstern This is not aggressive, this is a retort to your comments. Are you under the impression that you get to offer your opinion without hearing others?

@paperdigits @darktable @codeberg @mondstern Well, one can give opinions in many ways. I felt some agressiveness from your comments. You excluded me from darktable community just because I think microsoft represents a threat to society. You didn't focus on the words of admiral and love I had for your project and the time you spend developing it.

@marcelcosta @darktable @mondstern wrong, you exclude yourself from the project by refusing to use github (apparently). I haven't denied your contributions in any way. I have expressed my frustration in sinking a lot of hours into something, only to be lectured by multiple people about topics I'm already well aware of, thought about, and came to different conclusions. It seems you can't handle different opinions, and that is OK with me.

@paperdigits @darktable @mondstern mmm... Go fork yourself is excluding, I would say. I never said I would stop using darktable. I always appreciated your work. I don't know why you are frustated. I can handle different opinions, but you aren't counter arguing me but complaining because I focus on github.

@marcelcosta @darktable @mondstern I've given you several reason why we are on github and why we are not moving (now). I've countered your point about github blocking countries.

We've built a new house and you're lecturing us about the ethics of the store where we bought the nails, but you don't understand how that is frustrating... OK then, not sure what to tell you.

@paperdigits @darktable @mondstern I never asked to move now. I didn't initiate that lecture you are referring to, and when I gave my opinion was taking care to also appreciate your efforts and project. If we cannot find a point of agreement here, we will be in circles forever, sorry.

@marcelcosta @darktable @mondstern You continued that lecture... You got a response. Please take responsibility for your comments. If you can't do that, then please don't make them.

We don't have to reach a point of agreement. I've spent many hours trying to improve a project because I felt the choices of that part of the project were a hindrance. If you feel the same way you can take action to do what you feel betters the project.

@paperdigits @darktable @mondstern You didn't answer why Microsoft (and GAFAM, exponents of capitalism) is not a threat to freedom and rights. I didn't ask the project to move now from github.

I help the project the way I know. I am not that technical, so I help by using it instead of other options and I would like to give money to help the developers. I think that showing potential contradictions (always as a suggestion and in my opinion) is also helping the project, not attacking it.

@marcelcosta @darktable @mondstern you're moving the goal posts from github bad > Microsoft bad > capitalism bad, misses the point. I won't engage on that.

the team needed a redmine replacement, move to github before MS ate it, it mostly works from a technical perspective. Redmine was a drag. If we had to shift every time some company was acquired, nobody would ever write darktable code, we would spend all our time convincing people this new host is better.

@paperdigits @darktable @mondstern Sorry, I do think GAFAM threatens society. I cannot separate it from the debate.

I really appreciate the efforts of the project, I will use it and support it whenever I can.

@marcelcosta @darktable @mondstern well there is about 350 pages of documentation that needs to be translated to Spanish...

@paperdigits @darktable @mondstern I'm following the new darktable account in the fediverse. I'll try not to miss it!
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