@Wraptile I'd suggest you look up masking tutorials on YouTube. The masking available in every module is awesome and powerful.

For actual modules: filmic (instead of base curve), equalizer, and color zones. All these tutorials should be available on YouTube from more than one person.

@fribbledom you thought instagram was about getting you your friends content? Nah, it is a marketing platform, son of course you see marketing shit first.

This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

@LPS @patdavid we only have one person that build the Mac binary. Haven't heard from that person in a while. We are trying to automate the build, but its not done yet. If you can help, that'd be awesome.

@n8 yes, exactly. If you want to block and filter people on your own personal profile, go for it. But the "let's blackball people we don't agree with" is going to... Leave us without much of a community.

@n8 the conversations I've seen on the fediverse regarding controversial subjects tend to boil down to "we don't agree, let's get rid of this person," which doesn't really solve anything. You can eradicate ideas, they persist. Getting rid of a person doesn't get rid of what they've said or their ideas.

Super useful resource on Open Source Design tools, typefaces and assets by @helveticade@twitter.com

RT @helveticade@twitter.com

How to Design for Free: A comprehensive repository of open source design tools, typefaces and resources curated by me on @AREdotNA@twitter.com:


🐦🔗: twitter.com/helveticade/status

@andycuccaro @davidrevoy you should be proud that you're taking the time and effort to improve your skill! Keep at it!

Its really sad when an individual shows up for *years*, registers different accounts, etc etc to spread their vitriol.

The RawTherapee team is proud to annouce the release of RawTherapee 5.7!

Film Negative tool!
"Rating" tag support in Exif/XMP.
Raw format support from a huge range of cameras!

Oh, and we built the team a new website. :)
(Thank you @paperdigits!)

Read more here:

Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your precise location? Sike, can't believe you fell for that... again theregister.co.uk/2019/09/10/f

Today marks the first time #git absolutely saved my butt on a collaborative writing process.

In one git checkout command, several hours of my partner's work came back from the abyss created by my stupidity.

Version control, for writers. Just do it.


big shoutout to the person responsible for hyping up facebook's new dating features as some other department confirms that they let almost a half a billion phone numbers leak

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