might just be me, but i keep getting horribly confused when attempting to remote follow people on other instances. You'd think "paperghost@mastodon.social" is the obvious thing to enter, but I swear I keep typing in all sorts of utterly stupid variations.

set up my VR lab for testing and a few other warranty destroying things. currently mapping out exactly what aspects of advertising in VR (and other forms of advergaming) for my talk in october here virusbulletin.com/conference/v do i dare a live demo or is that just ta dumpster fire waiting to happen

sure am eating a lot of 5 day old tiramisu.

i'm going to go blind right

"mastodon is the new ello" is the worst of worst hot takes

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Oh my god guys, I just noticed that if you set your toot to be unlisted instead of public, the button says TOOT instead of TOOT! (Note the !) mastodon.social/media/nkT8XJ8b mastodon.social/media/U9rWUIi7

"I just have my phone out or laptop on and regularly ignore the game." - I mean, ouch.

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So, for all you new users, there's this OStatus thing called "groups", which is indicated with a bang ( ! ), where you can follow, say, a topic (music, security, crypto, games and whatnot), or a specific thing (emacs, coffee etc.), or even a greeting (the tzag group for Time Zone Appropriate Greetings), regardless of who posts about it.

It's a pretty powerful tool, all things considered, and !fediverse and !fedgroups may be of interest for exploring what's out there.

Also, for all you infosec peeps there's of course the !security group, there's also one for !musicians, for !ccmusic, for your current !listening habits, etc.

A limitation is that groups live on a specific instance, though I think there might be proposals to mitigate that...  
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It's kinda weird to think about a social network where businesses own their own presences, rather than relying on a capricious third party service like Twitter or Facebook. Imagine NBC or The Verge running a Mastodon instance for their reporters to toot from, or Bethesda operating an instance for PR and customer support. No more lost business when Facebook changes their algorithms again because they need more money from boosted posts.

Weird, right?

All this talk of federations and migration is making me think of Quarians.

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I was trying to map out the whole network using kumu.io/wakest/fediverse if anyone wants to help

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The great thing about hardly anyone posting links on Mastadon yet is I have no idea what I'm supposed to be angry about today

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The most important thing mastodon users need to realize is that you don't need to be on mastodon.social to be part of the network. Mastodon is just one server in the larger federation.

anyway, back to the horrors of powerpoint editing on a mac. missing fonts, misaligned text, wonky transitions and more ahoy. i'm just gonna use dylan style cardboard and pens next time.

interesting. i don't seem to be able to delete replies sent to private status messages, no matter how many times the site tells me it has @Gargron

I don't like that the unfollow button is perilously close to the close browser box on mobile. reckon that'll cause a few accidents...

Still trying to get my head beyond 140 chars, so for now I'll just ctrl+v each message 3 and a half times per toot.

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"go start your own instance" is the new "get a blog, they're free" and i'm okay with that

i mean, it's nice to be on a network that isn't mainlining disaster into my veins every ten seconds.

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