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Hello! I’m Noah Hayes. I draw comics and love working with characters, especially in the fantasy/sci-fi genre! Recently I worked on Goldie Vance Vol. 3!

You can find me elsewhere at:

If you’re interested in getting in touch or have any business inquiries, I can be reached at I decided to launch my patreon! If you’re interested in my process and peaks at future pitches this will be the place to go!

And finally- the first issue of new series I'm working on The Avant-Guards, comes out next month! It's got lesbians! Sports! Liberal Arts College! I got to do the character designs! What more could you want?

Also the OGN came out last month, I did the drawings! You can pick up a copy at your LCS or bookstore! (and also online)

im really gonna make an effort to use this more.....its so hard when like 75% of my work is under NDA tho, I barely keep up w my established social media these days

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