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Hello! I’m Noah Hayes. I draw comics and love working with characters, especially in the fantasy/sci-fi genre! Recently I worked on Goldie Vance Vol. 3!

You can find me elsewhere at:

If you’re interested in getting in touch or have any business inquiries, I can be reached at

im really gonna make an effort to use this more.....its so hard when like 75% of my work is under NDA tho, I barely keep up w my established social media these days

it's nice getting to do sci-fi for commissions every once in a while!

Take Action: Send me a screenshot of a donation receipt to an immigrant relief fund (any amount) along with your address to and I will mail you a set of BoB ID cards

@paragonraptors i feel bad for dunking on geralt for being boring for like two years no one told me he was hellboy but as a dad

It’s been another two years, so it was time to redraw the first thing I ever posted online. At 14, I remember being super nervous that I wasn’t very good and no one was going to like my work. Now, at 22, I’ve got my BFA in Illustration and I’m working in comics professionally!

gonna be at wondercon (just walking around) and desperately needed new business cards so!

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