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Hey, hi! for various reasons–discomfort w/Eugen as an admin, desire to actually play in the wilds of the federated space I'm nominally part of, wanting to try those sweet glitch-branch features, &c–after having been on mastosoc since November '16 I've decided to try out moving instances! I don't know if this will be my forever home, (there are many excellent instances I may end up taking a look at) but for now I'll be hanging out my shingle & seeing how it goes! please come say hi💖

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It's 🐱TIME👽! Please boost~ The run of my new print is up for sale in @Damage & my online shop!

We're working hard to pay for Sarah's computer, & all sales go directly to support two disabled artists & our art! To go with this exclusive masto-first reveal, the first seven friends to order will receive an exclusive free gift–a second, never-ever-for-sale companion A3 poster print!

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Hi, I'm James–UK struggler fan+ enthusiast. I like noodle soup, I have a broad+extremely trivial knowledge base. @Damage is my primary partner+carer!

Most of my life has been thrown off the standard course by being bedbound for years after I was diagnosed w/severe @ 14. I'm better but in the midst of a long after getting a degree.
Please support my art+writing here!

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Hello, & thank you so much to everyone who's decided to follow me, new friends & long-standing companions! I'm grateful for the time & space you've given me in your social media ecosystem. I hope to bring good & valuable things to your timeline.

If you see me post about anything you'd like me to CW for, or if there's anything I'm doing you'd like me to do less or more of, please let me know & I'll do my best to improve!

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illustrated haiku, CW for gore 

head butlers reduced / to well-trodden paving for / the royal tantrums

#mastoart #art #illustration #haiku #poetry #poem

illustrated haiku, CW for mild/implied gore/bio-horror 

beast on a wave length / knots brains with surfer to make / a holy weapon

#mastoart #art #illustration #poem #poetry #haiku

new year new gfm post!

my surgery is scheduled for april 8th, and i still need to raise/save over $4k. i will hopefully have another update after tax money and my partner’s yearly bonus comes in, but any help is still appreciated. even passing this link around is so helpful.

thank you so much for all of your support and love 🖤

So over the holidays I drew up 12 different illustrations for all patrons on Patreon (The ones below are just a sample).

Working on these almost daily really helped me out of a winter drawing rut, and then finishing the project and then compiling all of them into a printable calendar for 2022 made me feel really accomplished.

I hope to make many more things in this new year. I hope to reclaim that love of creating that I almost lost at the start of 2020. 🌟

if ordering physical xmas presents + spending money is stressful, may I suggest gifting my (free!) procreate brush sets to your artistic loved ones

(NOTE: they only work on Procreate!)


#artresources #resources #brushsets #brushes #procreatebrushes #creativetoots

For young activists such as Firhaana Bulbulia, founder of the Barbados Muslim Association, British colonialism and slavery lie behind the island's modern inequalities.

"The wealth gap, the ability to own land, and even access to loans from banks all have a lot to do with structures built out of being ruled by Britain," Bulbulia, 26, said.

40% off on my inprnt prints until Monday 29th Nov! The code is 4K60RETT.

Let me know if you'd like any of my other pieces as prints and I can stick them up.

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #prints

Bit late in the day, but here's a gif I made to say happy Diwali 🪔

#art #gif #diwali #animation #mastoart

(Temporary post) Comics residency (in either Lyon, Barcelona, Kendal or Brussels) for Europeans* + € 5000 grant , deadline for application Dec 15th. 

the infos a bit all over the place so putting info neatly here

:artpeek: Breif:

:artpeek: General conditions:

:artpeek: Have a look at the application:

:artpeek: Apply:

* not open to all European countries - eg: I noticed Russia isn't included

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money help needed 

Hey my mh has been doing very badly and i haven't been able to work for most of September, hopefully I'm on the upswing now but for the meantime, im overdue on some bills and can't pay for food

if you can help, i'd really appreciate it, thanks <3

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