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@lewislepton y'know, off the top of my head I seem to remember reading somewhere that it's a gesture image & body language consultants helped develop for Bill Clinton, so he could point at people/things & gesticulate without being perceived as too aggressive. Sorry for probably just spreading a weird urban myth!

@creatrixtiara the babadook is an upstanding member of the community *attempted rimshot becomes drum kit falling down stairs*

googling "how to befriend spiders" and only minecraft tutorials come up, what the fuck 🕷

yo witch crew & masto friends

idk how many of yall play the sims 2 but if u do!!! i ujust finished kinda big custom neighbourhood project you should check out, thanks

One newt moot down, four to go! Almost done. They're getting scanned tomorrow, but I'm unsure when they'll be online proper. #mastoart #illustration #newt #amphibians #mixedmedia

@paralithode @Gargron Hi, not sure this has been replied to yet. It looks like when we migrated to a new server a little while ago, some image attachments didn't make it through the site copy. We're not deleting things deliberately; this was a server-side error and we apologize for the inconvenience. ^N

Goodnight friends! I took a long long bath today to ease the ache out of my joints a little. In the evening I started to feel more stable & flexible, so I was able to take the rubbish out.

I'm seldom able to take on domestic tasks currently & I relish the opportunity; I miss doing the dishes in particular. There's a great & simple joy to be found in the ever-present necessary tasks of preserving a small corner against entropy.

May we embrace today's challenges with courage, hope & gratitude!

@Murassa I'd say that depends very much on yer situation; it's just one more variation of the millions of ways people compromise on safety & security to earn a living. The pragmatic answer for artists who survive entirely or partially by furry commissions is 'it may be shitty site (in so many ways) but I want to eat'

@Murassa mm, furaffinity is still leaky as fuck from what I recall – or at least at constant risk of becoming so – but it's the highest traffic/best for commissions venue in the community due to inertia, so most people are still kinda awkwardly hanging around....

@noiob thanks for checking it out! at least it's good to know the post is intact on some instances out there :>

Gargamel why ya gotta steal my drawings??


@Support @Gargron

Cube And Triangular Gradient
oil on canvas, 24"x36"

Been working on this all week -- a lot of small careful freehand triangles to try not to fuck up, mixing a new color several dozen times.

Very happy with the finished product, equally happy to be done working on it.

Does anyone on here have maybe $3 to spare, I am now unemployed and can't pay my rent next month. Just $3 to my ko-fi would help me, I need anything I can get guys. I've added my paypal email, because ko-fi takes two weeks to process the money and send it to my account. Update: Paypal is denying my Kofi request because my Kofi has my preferred name registered to it while paypal has my deadname registered to it, If you can't spare any money, boosting helps <3


I can't help it. This one should be the last one. #milkyway over northern #ontario. #astrophotography #photography

@hvee for all of them except the deer serenade I'm still getting these when I try to access the files directly, and this tiny checkerboard when I try to look at em inline :c