my partner @Damage is an amazing writer & artist, but both her phone & computer have died recently. She's making & selling original artworks to help afford new gear. You can support her work @ & buy her original art at our eggsclusive webshop –or commission her for unique animal drawings (please be patient though, social media is hard w/no phone!)


@lpenou yeah, @Damage's stuff is so good!! and these are just raw outta the scanner, because we don't really have time/energy/hardware to edit on at the moment. Every little bit & every boost helps! 8D

@lpenou @Damage Hello! It's still available, we just noticed that the shop wasn't displaying all of the products properly, sorry about that! Here is the link:

@paralithode Ooh it me hehe. i got a new battery for my phone!! I was so pleased to sell the red striped shield bug, I was really proud of that one. Thank you :)

@paralithode Tell @Damage we miss her and hope she can obtain shiny new equipment soon! ^.^

(If y'all were US-based, I'd be tempted to ship an old laptop or something, as a stopgap.)

@paralithode @Damage

I've been bugged online before, but now I guess I'll also be bugged by mail...Six spotted tiger beetle ordered.

Good luck with the campaign.

@Algot @Damage thank you so much for order & your support! It means a lot🐞💖

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