Hi mastodon! In the last few days I've been talking w/some North American & folks in the adult industry whose safety has been deeply compromised by . I mentioned mastodon as a possible social networking platform that could be shaped to help SWs protect themselves–do you agree? Do you have experience as an or who can support or advise? Help is urgently needed! Contact
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@paralithode Not an admin or a dev, but I would say that if you're going to do that, stick to instances hosted outside of the US, with 100% non-US ownership, administration, and moderation. Ownership and hosting in Europe is probably best (along with following GDPR laws), as that's probably the strongest privacy protections against American police prying.

That should insulate the staff from any criminal or civil liability under , because they'll be outside of the US's jurisdiction.

@paralithode Actually, 100% German staff is probably the best bet - AFAIK Germany does not have extradition treaties to the US. (Note that all staff must be fine with never entering the US, or a country that will extradite to the US.)

@tastytea @paralithode Hrm, wonder what it is that prevents them from being used in the VW case, then.

@bhtooefr @paralithode Germany doesn't extradites german citizens. Just as the USA doesn't extradites it's citizens.

@tastytea @paralithode OK, then you merely need German citizens to own and operate the site, from within Germany (and not to travel to any country that will extradite them to the US).

@paralithode As from my experience, I would recommend Retroshare. It is p2p (or actually friend2friend) social media software. No servers, high security, you can connect it over TOR network, create communication channels limited only to "circles"...
Downside : the intrface.
(uder heavy development)

@aran sounds cool, might be worth sending 'em an e-mail! :>

@paralithode Yes, Mastodon could potentially help protect sexworkers but it depends on what they’d like to do with it. I’d be happy to help you bounce ideas around. I’ve not deployed a Mastodon instance yet but I have 25 years experience deploying and securing production systems.

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