i forgot how cute the noises on this site are actually

cy i completely feel you on that . . . . i want to badly to come out to my parents but i have no idea how they feel about lgbt people so im just like , , ,, , , ,,, ,, dying

yknow what claudia maybe DOnt actually do th at

claudia: *horny all the time . cannot nut*
me: *never horny . jacks off bc im bored*

claudia honey this happens way too often

whats up mastodon ppl im dysphoric as fuck

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dreamt i was at a carnival w jenny and a couple of her friends and it was the nicest dream i've had in a long time

mmm erica said we could play teh tiddy game together but shes nowhere to be found Where My Gf

now huniepop? that game is a pure tiddy game

apparently it isnt actually rlly sexual or anything just like Very Specific Portions of the game are Bad , ,,, at least thats what erica told me

dont call me out like this cy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yknow what
yeah i bought a tiddy game
but shit it was on sale for $1.74 id have to be crazy NOT to get it

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