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Hi fine folks of mastodon! I am here again, after lost our accounts! No problem, mastodon is forever, right? :D

Anyway I want to be more active so if the following interest you, give my account a look:

Anyway have a nice day, whereever you are!

Can you remember the days before the internet? Before you used the web the first time?

Seems like it was a different age. We should appreciate the things we make, the opportunities we have in our lifetime.

We jump on to new things constantly, just for the sake of changing.

Can we slow down, can we stop?

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23 amazing Invisible Inc. wallpapers. Superb game, very nice wallpapers.

"Snooker’s Betfred World Championship starts on Saturday and title sponsor Betfred will be donating £200 for every century break made to Jessie May Children’s Hospice at Home."

Looking forward to test Disroot and some of the their apps they offer.

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What sets humans apart from other animals?

Professor Alexandra Horowitz has the perfect answer: obsession with that very question.

Here is the first round of this year's Snooker World Championship:

This is the best sport event of the year, for me. I will probably toot some about it. :)

Salt&Sanctuary is 60% off on Steam for the next 27 hours. It is the only native (Dark)Souls-like game on Linux, just in 2D. Very well polished and only 2 people made it.

If you want something challenging for the weekend (and probably beyond), I recommend this game fully.

Hooktube just gave this video to me when I clicked on "random".

Mark Zuckerberg interview 2008: "We've learned…just exactly how important privacy is."

Very funny guys...

These RedLetterMedia commentaries are so hillarious! Definitely better than the actual movies.

Also: Rich and Mike predicted this too

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I like to think I’m open-minded, but some days it feels more like I’m just echoing the opinion I’ve most recently heard. I have to take time to let the echoes fade so I can figure out what I actually think. So I get frustrated when someone demands an immediate answer :/

Is there anything better than eating a nice, simple meal, while watching Redlettermedia tear apart Disney's Age of Ultron? :)

My order of the Jurassic Park trilogy:
1. Jurassic Park
2. Jurassic World
3. Jurassic Park 3

What? I didn't forget JP2, aka. how to hire the talentless David Koepp and butcher a perfectly well written story with interesting characters, and replace them in the movie with 0 imagination (plus Mercedes commercial).

Spielberg wanted a 2nd movie, Crichton wrote it (need it to), and then Hollywood shit on it, and changed 95% of it. Fuck you Spielberg.

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@charlag I have a pretty nice Rosewill with cherry MX brown keys. No fancy lighting. I replaced all the letter keycaps with blank green, though. I love the look.

Bash: Notes for Professionals

It's a free ebook if you want to learn some Bash stuff:


A short, but very well written essay about why:

Arrow didn’t deserve Laurel

I rarely read Tumblr these days, but this is so good (and I know this is from last year).

Short after S4 started I stopped watching the series as there wasn't enough Laurel for me. Later when I heard what happened in 4x18, I was speechless. :(((

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