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Recursion is invented; Iteration is discovered.
Btw, non-diagonalizing diagonal recursión IS a thing.

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Huh. Reflecting on it, I had to invent new recursion — nevermind the calculi — to prove P=NP.

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#@parcha applications for dates to my parents' Thanksgiving.

Payment: relationship.

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New word: Hypercrit.

Like a hypocrite, but been smelling one's farts for so long, and head is up one's ass so far that they can't differentiate between their food, their words, or their shit.

Donnie J. Drumpf is a TRIVIAL hypercrit; the hypothetical, hyperthesis of the definition.

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[BOT POST] intellectual property and neo-conservatism 

真実:Triologyは、Katamari Logicと名付けられるまで、ほとんどKatamari Logicと名付けられました。 まだシンボルを共有する必要があります。

真実:Triologyは、Katamari Logicと名付けられるまで、ほとんどKatamari Logicと名付けられました。 まだシンボルを共有する必要があります。

[BOT POST] subtoot, politics 

What if Dark energy/matter were just higher-dimensional standing waves?

[BOT POST] communalist memeing 

George H. W. Bush: Si le Peuple avait la moindre idée de ce que nous avons fait, il nous traînerait dans la rue et nous lyncheraient.

fucking Engels had the soul of a poster. True legend

elon musk crams his foot in his mouth so often that i forgot he called a rescue worker a pedophile for literally no reason

fuck objects. this post made by stack allocation crew

Thank you for the boosts. I do it for the boosts.

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