There's a quiet dread I experience, every time I upgrade my MacOS. Just installed Catalina. Now waiting for shock and awe.


Himanta Ji you are obviously aware that the NRC found only 19 lakh undocumented residents in Assam. That's 6% of the 3.3 crore population. You can lie and push fake statistics all you want, but the fires you have lit in Assam are coming to singe you.


While everyone's busy with muscle flexing in the Parliament, another set of horribly depressing economic data will be slipped in, this time tomorrow evening. Here's a foretaste. IIP YoY Oct. -6%, Mfg YoY Oct -4.8%, Balance of Trade: $14.4 B.
And nobody will notice.


Why is Speaker Om Birla acting like a bully? I mean at least *pretend* to be neutral while sitting in that esteemed chair?

The proceedings in the Lok Sabha right now are a live demonstration of Amit Shah’s doctrine of “🔫 on kanpatti”


"We are working for a Better Tomorrow", BL asserted at a competing newspaper's conference. He DID NOT say anything about a better today.

@GeetV I come from a family which hates Modi and BJP to the core.

I was pissed off with Congress due to rampant corruption during UPA2.

I went agt my family and voted for BJP in 2014. I never knew that I am voting for a "Bhasmasura" that will burn my whole nation in the fire of communalism and two Gujjus from Gujarat will be like Hitler and Mussolini reincarnated.

I still repent my decision of voting them to this day.

Incumbent and immediate-past chief janitors of the Pune Lohegaon Airport welcomed a passing dignitary to the airport's wash-and-change cum toilet facilities.

Less than 3% of this season’s sanctioned amount of pulses and oilseeds have actually been procured so far under the once-hyped PM-AASHA scheme, Agriculture Ministry data show. Arrivals of these crops began in October and will end by February.

No idea why, but this song has been on my mind a lot, the last few days. Anyone else who feels that way too?
Big Man, Pig Man
Haha! Charade you are!

A comment on bird site that was passed on to me.
"So seems everyone returned from Mastodon, the woke Kailaasa."

China Is Very Angry That Congress Pointed Out it Is Committing Massive Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang

Rajasthan’s Jan Soochna, mother of RTI, is the ultimate weapon against petty corruption.
The Right to Information gives way to the government’s duty to publish. The Centre and all states must emulate Rajasthan.

Finally, the PARTY is doing what it has always wanted to do: neuter, and eventually incinerate, the Constitution. Once you take aim at Part III, wreck the Fundamental Rights, and in particular, the Right to Equality, what is left?

I got some news for you, folks. @desaisantosh is finally here. Want to peer under the bonnet and really understand the zeitgeist? He's your go-to guy. Follow away!

Activists say mental healthcare for Bhopal gas leak survivors ignored

On the eve of the 35th anniversary of the Bhopal gas leak, activists flagged the lack of adequate healthcare for the survivors and alleged misappropri

आजकल के माहौल को देखते हुए, और राहुल बजाज से प्रेरणा लेते हुए, एक शब्द का भाषांतर थोड़ा सा बदला जा रहा है.
वातावरण: AtmosFear

I find 's thought abhorrent, but I will defend her right to say it. If she says was an Indian patriot, someone in Pakistan may yet claim was a Pakistani patriot. This kind is only publicly saying, what a lot of their kind privately endorse.

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