Two Pakistani Nationals were stuck in a Mumbai hotel for five years. They got back home earlier this year.
My Sunday feature for Mumbai Mirror, where I write about a different kind of quarantine

Stranded migrant workers sleeping in city streets. Police beating curfew-breakers. Fruits & veggies rotting in markets. Livelihoods of Informal laborers wiped out.

India's nationwide lockdown has unleashed nationwide chaos
@SBengali & I report in LA Times

Allowing grocery stores to function won’t be enough if farmers supplying goods to them aren't allowed to move around. Plus, lack of labour has stalled harvest
I write about the devastating impact of on agriculture
Do read via @firstpost

In June 2016, Devendra Fadnavis mooted the Marathwada Water Grid project. Uddhav Thackeray-led government is now reviewing it. In @firstpost, I argue that the 25000 crore scheme is a waste of taxpayer's money.
Do read.

In La Times, @SBengali and I write how India is fertile ground for the explosion of , with widespread misinformation & callous behavior.
Cancelation of Ram Navmi celebrations has upset a few local residents. "I am not scared of corona. What can go wrong when Ram is watching over you," asked a tour guide in Ayodhya.

In my first story under the WaterAid fellowship, I look at how Mumbai's burgeoning water needs & irresponsible usage leave adivasi villages parched with the onset of summer
The city's wasted and free supply is more than Nagpur's daily need
Via @firstpost

Do yourself a favor. Turn off your TV sets. And watch John Oliver.
"India, home of this enduring symbol of love (Taj Mahal) deserves a lot more than this temporary symbol of hate (Modi)."

Exclusive: The main accused behind anti-CAA protests that turned violent in Bihar's Aurangabad town has been arrested twice from two different locations in police FIR.

Further, when the police couldn't prove a man's involvement in the unrest, they claimed he was injured by the stones pelted by "rioters". Except the police are caught on camera beating him up.
My story on the loopholes in the investigation that landed 46 Muslims behind bars

The fiscal deficit of the Delhi government in 2019-20 is expected to be at 0.7 percent of the state’s GDP. This is by far the lowest in the country. So to that extent, the freebies aren’t really disrupting government finances.
@kaul_vivek writes

Transformation of Arvind Kejriwal from a 'combative CM' to a statesmanlike leader has ensured this third term. But it is not exactly a slap in the face of Hindutva as many of us would like to believe.
I write for @firstpost

JNU attack is a month old today. Delhi police has not made a single arrest in spite of over 40 detailed complaints by students and faculty. I look at some of those complaints in this story for @firstpost

I spoke to the teacher, in whose class the Jamia shooter studied for five years, and his family friend, who spoke to me because he likes Mumbai.
The rest in Jewar are tight lipped, but one man said the shooter attended Bajrang Dal camps in town.

Those resisting BJP's communal politics outnumber the ones falling for it. But the BJP is closing the gap on AAP.
I write about the impact of polarisation on the all important Purvanchali vote.
Do read via @firstpost

If you took a shot every time a BJP leader mentioned Pakistan, you'd die of liver cirrhosis in a week.

I report on the community that sits firmly in BJP's corner amidst the euphoria around AAP. Delhi's traders don't like Kejriwal because he's "doling out freebies, which makes people lazy and worthless".
Do read via @firstpost

Days like these, when things aren't going right, you wonder if it's worth getting emotionally invested in a sportsperson. The agony is unmatched. But then he turns it around, and you know it's worth it. Shudder to think of the day when he announces his retirement.

Happy to report that the 13 minors were shifted to a juvenile home a couple of days back. Just got off the call with their lawyer. "Aapki stories ka bhi asar hua," he said.

Here's the replug of that piece:-

1917 keeps you on the edge of the seat. But 2020 still takes the cake.

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