anyone can recommend a niche accent based asmr on yt?

sometime my phone buzzes for literally nothing, and it looks like me when i try to get attention

I'm probably one of the last three people in the Western Hemisphere who still insists on listening to music on an old-ass MP3 instead of their phone.

Stop hassling 2007. It did nothing to deserve your scorn.

Home sweet home~

Work was nice and easy today~

Study: Google Assistant is the most accurate digital assistant of 2018 - Despite being around the longest Siri has some ground to make up

Tech giants like Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft have been battling it out lately over who can create the smartest digital voice assistant. So far, it seems Google is leading the pack.

Digital marketing company Stone Temple has released its latest round of smart speaker intelligence statistics. The company tested 4,942 different questions across Alexa, Cortana, Siri and both versions of Google Assistant (home and smartphone). In short, the report states that Google Assistant attempted the most answers and had the most correct answers overall.


xfce question, boosts welcome 

is there some way that i can get an equivalent menu to what shows up on alt-tab (aka, previews all windows in the workspace with their icon and a text label) in #xfce, but as just a menu that shows up without me having to hold down a key? so just. i tap a key, and can now use arrow keys or mouse to select windows.
yes, this is kinda just part of what happens when you hit super on gnome. and i want it and am struggling to find.

#xubuntu #linux #ihateusinghashtagsugh

Portage (emerge command) on #Gentoo is actually pretty great. I just noticed how it is probably the most efficient package manager on Linux.
It downloads and compiles packages at the same time. It doesn't first download all like apt or yum and also doesn't download and install one by one.
#linux #win

EU neonicotinoid ban, honeybees 

#EU backs a "near total" ban on neonicotinoid insecticides in an effort to protect hard-hit honeybee populations. Bayer, a major producer of such chemicals, calls it "a sad day for Europe"

Imagine being an basement-dwelling edgelicker getting extremely offended over a pronoun option. 🙄

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