in a great end-of-the-year tradition, the nerds at darktable have a brand-spanking new 2.6 release now available!

congratulations darktable team on a fantastic release!

also, contributor Matthieu Moy has written up an extensive blog post detailing some of the awesome new features - give it a read as well:

@patdavid I've been using the darktable pre-releases for a few weeks now and absolutely love all the new features. They're all "killer features", IMHO. The new masking, filmic, retouch, collect improvements — everything.

This is such an amazing release!

@patdavid What's super cool is that the new version darktable even helps better recover some great images that I goofed up with when shooting or were challenging with the dynamic range.

And the filmic module can even help fix up old JPEGs from ages ago (before I shot raw) and also cell phone snapshots. It's not just for raw files. 😁

And the masking is phenomenal. It's probably the biggest game changer, as it works with basically all the other modules.

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