We've decided to remove all Google Analytics tracking from the site. Less tracking = happier users.

Now only we know what weird things you're searching the forums for...

@patdavid I did the same thing when I switch my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll static last month.

@hankg Yay! We do self-host a matomo instance so we can still see how to improve, but we run all the services ourselves. :)

@patdavid Now, please also remove Google fonts,;thanks!

@djoerd - Yep - they are on the list right now to scrub and to self-serve. I'm trying to decide if I want to halt RawTherapee website development to do this real quick, or save it for a refactor and implementation of a new static site generator we're thinking about...

@patdavid Nice. The Google fonts are everywhere: in many Wordpress themes, but also in static site generators like beautiful jekyll. I simply removed them several times, which does change the site's appearance, but not in a bad way (but I'm not a designer)

@djoerd You can easily host those fonts yourself (which is what I'll do for the stack). Pretty simple, you can see it in action in the first part of my blog css (

They are really insidious (google fonts)...

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