@patdavid @paperdigits one note, it says cross-platform but doesn't include a Mac Binary ... is this coming?

@LPS @patdavid we only have one person that build the Mac binary. Haven't heard from that person in a while. We are trying to automate the build, but its not done yet. If you can help, that'd be awesome.

@paperdigits @patdavid great to hear, unfortunately I don't have the skills:(

@LPS @paperdigits Yep, it sure is! There's only one packager building for macOS and they haven't had a chance yet. Soon hopefully!

This is really important. We should promote our Free Software projects, and having a great website displaying the big features, nice looking screenshots and linking to a download link is a great first step.

@carl @paperdigits We like to think it's a good start also. :)

Now to bug people to learn, use, and (hopefully) help out!

@patdavid I just used this software for the first time today. Awesome software, i just need to read up quite a bit on how to do image processing :S

@jex I might know a good place to read up and learn... ;)

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