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Pat David @patdavid

Hello new followers!

I'm Pat David! I'm a member of the @GIMP team and an occasional photographer.

I created to bring like-minded photography nerds together around the concept and use of Free Software. Hopefully something I make or do can help someone out with the hobby!

You can read my occasional ramblings at also.

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@patdavid @GIMP Thanks for GIMP! I've been using it happily for 3 years.

@tomharris @GIMP You're welcome - but I'm not a developer type person. More a PR/advocate type person.

The love belongs to folks like @schumaml and @mitchfoo and @pippin and many, many others way more than me. :)

@patdavid @GIMP - Welcome! I'm a professional photographer and I use GIMP almost exclusively for my post raw work flow.

Great to see you here. =)