A new 2.9.8 release of @GIMP is now available (windows and macOS builds to follow)!


Have a look at some of the great new features (on-canvas gradient editing, clip warning, wayland support, paste in place, and more)!

@patdavid @GIMP I haven't been paying attention for a while, so forgive my ignorance, but I wanted to ask: is there a plan in place for consolidating UI? The proliferation of all sorts of plugins (like the excellent G'MIC) with their own UI universes inside GIMP really doesn't help with discovery of various features… Well, I think you guys know about it much better than me :-)


@isagalaev @GIMP There have been some UI changes, but they're mostly minor.

One of the problems with being extremely extensible is possibly having inconsistent UI's across more advanced plugins, like G'MIC.

Part of the problem is that G'MIC is already a pretty full-featured framework for image processing in itself, and usually has different UI requirements than base GIMP might...

@patdavid @GIMP yes, it's probably impossible to solve completely, but it is a kind of problem where small improvements make sense. Like, having UI guidelines ("let's have all blur filters in Filters/Blur", "all preview controls should be of this size and have these buttons attached to them") and encourage authors of prominent plugins to either follow them or provide an API so The Community would write UI for them.

@isagalaev @GIMP Technically this is somewhat possible now for script-fu and plugin authors - they can decide where their contributions show up on the menus.

The problems start when there's a non-trivial plugin (again, G'MIC comes to mind). Normally scripts will inherit windowing and controls from GTK and look native to GIMP.

It doesn't help that G'MIC is QT based these days, either. :)

@isagalaev @GIMP That being said, UI help is always welcome and any reasonable requests or suggestions will be listened to (and if we had enough manpower and long-term contributors possibly implemented). :D

@patdavid @GIMP sure :-) But as any programmer I already have about gazillion side projects I want to do "when there's time". So no promises from me on this front!

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