The @GIMP team has just announced GIMP 2.10.0 release candidate 2 is out with multi-threaded painting, rewritten UI themes, on-canvas panorama rotation in 3D, various improvements, and 40 bug fixes!

(Sorry - last post had the wrong URL)

@hirojin "blickers"? Sorry, I don't know what that is...

@patdavid @GIMP

I have not kept up with GIMP, is the font tool improved? Is text editable via the text tool?

@GIMP @electrotamitha text has always been editable with the text tool. Unless you mean text in another file format (psd)?

@patdavid I should try again, it's been some time since I used GIMP. But I seem to recall after I would input text and place it, if I tried to click the text and alter it, a new element would be created.

@electrotamitha @patdavid that still happens on 2.8. It's really a user error caused by not clicking directly on the previous text's layer. It needs to be improved.

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