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Need an awesome astrophotography shot to practice with this weekend? Community member Sebastien Guyader just released this wonderful view of the Milky Way over the Caribbean as a !

I thought I'd try my hand at building a habit doing some simple journaling, and I simply had to make it more complicated than it needed to be? j/k - it couldn't be any simpler than with something like

Setting up jrnl for journaling:

Just your friendly reminder that on this Full Moon Friday the 13th, "Night of the Living Dead" is in the Public Domain and available for streaming from multiple places.

Like here:

(It's also on the Internet Archive, but Google can afford the bandwidth better.)

The RawTherapee team is proud to annouce the release of RawTherapee 5.7!

Film Negative tool!
"Rating" tag support in Exif/XMP.
Raw format support from a huge range of cameras!

Oh, and we built the team a new website. :)
(Thank you @paperdigits!)

Read more here:

“When you release your code, you release your itch”
Incorporating design research into Free Software projects
By Belén Barros Pena at @lgm

Hey, it’s Dmitri Popov walking through various scripts for automating Linux photography workflows at @lgm

GIMP and GEGL non-destructive capabilities workshop going on right now at Libre Graphics Meeting!

Here’s Jehan talking about a ridiculously cool new smart colorization feature in with a live drawing of a cat that will haunt my dreams for years... ALL HAIL SATANCAT!

I was told the slides should be 1024x768... also YAY! Thanks Boud for delivering the State of the Libre Graphics presentation (and andabata for the image)!


Don't remember if I posted this before, but it's a nice day for another viewing. :D

When in doubt for lighting, a big open garage door or other nicely shaded portal will do! (or apparently an abandoned building deep in the Alabama woods?)

Leaving on a jet plane...

Flying back from my previous home in South Florida, the plane left over the Atlantic ocean, and I got a phenomenal view of where my University facility was (Seatech FAU - outlined in red).

It's easy to miss this place sometimes.

After the rain at the Mobile Museum of Art.

This is an old image taken 10 years ago...

GIMP 2.10.10 now released!

Come get a fresh copy of hot off the presses (flatpak, windows, macos builds all available).

Speaking of new Free Software photography releases, the incredible team over at darktable have a new release as well!

New darktable 2.6.2 released!

What a wonderful week to be a photo geek!

A brand-spanking new RawTherapee v5.5 is now released!
Congratulations to the team and THANK YOU for providing us such a great piece of software!

You all ROCK!

KJ at the Sap House

From upstate NY over a year ago (!) during my friends wedding. KJ was just chilling in the door of a barn, and the light was just wonderful!

Trying out to create a quick avatar from my favorite muppet by removing the background.

The results were... horrifying?

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