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@patdavid Certainly no cause for apologies; these are just questions that I waded through myself when digging into it a few months ago.

I ended up installing Wekan, which is technically a kanban board, but I would say I meets my needs best. There is a GPL variant that includes GANTT charting, sort of time-tracky, and a no-GANTT permissive-license version.

IMO, the thing that made me stick with it is that the UI is drag-n-drop friendly, not forcing you into filling out extraneous fields...

@theremin oof. Now I’ll have another OS to deal with.

Can I run Vim in it? 😉

@n8 howdy! Sorry, I should have defined that up front:

- this is primarily for me (one person)
- clustering yes (category/project/tags)
- in-progress is fine
- don’t need to access from mobile devices
- recurring tasks would be nice but not necessary

Bonus points for any time tracking integration as well (time spent against a task). Oh, and I’ll have a moon as well apparently. 😄

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@patdavid Can I throw a bunch of questions back to you, in order to locate your use-case within the domain?

- tasks for one person or groups?
- do you need to cluster tasks, eg by category/project?
- are the tasks all-or-nothing or do you want to track "in progress" states?

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a task/todo manager (FL/OSS please)? Something I can maybe use for project and time management?

I'm checking out taskwarrior right now, but am open to other suggestions.

@n8 Unfortunately it's a tough problem. We embedded category topics from the forums as comments (under the hope that it's community-centric discussions anyway for the sites that we do this for). So comments on,,, are all tied to a single account on discuss (still a barrier to entry needing to sign up for Yet Another Forum...).

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I'm sunsetting Libre Graphics World to replace it with Libre Arts. Here is the why and how:

My December break project was to finally sit down and work on the Libre Arts website for my friend @prokoudine.

We soft-launched on Jan 1 and he's now ready to announce the site is open and ready for all! Come check out the amazing work he's doing reporting and covering the world of Free/Libre Arts!

Community member Anna is organizing our very first virtual meetup with presentations from some awesome people! Save the date December 5 @ 1800UTC!

More details here:

Hopefully a regular occurrence!

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The website was ported to the Hugo framework, making it faster to load and translatable. You can help with the effort of translating it by getting involved with the translations teams:

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@carl @kde @patdavid thank you, Carl! The KDE web properties have been steadily improving, just as KDE/plasma itself. Fantastic work.

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@paperdigits @kde @patdavid There is now 4 websites using Hugo in KDE, Digikam,, and and many more using Jekyll. Thanks for your work on the Digikam website it looks really nice.

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I'm pretty sure @kde saw how awesome the website that @patdavid and I ported to was, and said "wow these two are brilliant, we'd better follow suit for at large!"

JK... Maybe?!?

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@patdavid Lua is not an abbreviation, it's Portugese for Moon. no need for full caps.

@grainloom Aha, thank you for that! (It's even in the logo - I am not a smart man.)

Why won't the devs implement my feature or fix my bug?

From community member Bill Ferguson - darktable hacker and LUA dev on the human beings behind your favorite FOSS projects and resource limitations.

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