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#ManEnoughEpisode6: #Communication

@emilybaldoni & @justinbaldoni are joined by @karamo & @theianjordan in powerful conversation covering #race, #communication and pride :newpride: in this #Man Enough Coupl...

Is it time yet to acknowledge how entirely goofy and counterproductive this whole proof-a-computer-did-math-as-token-of-value lark has gotten, and all just go back to trading for stuff we want with shiny rocks off the ground or pretty seashells or whatever?

I really enjoyed the presentation at DefCon from these folks regarding Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Coding Practices:

Trying to introduce some giant killer robots and nuclear explosions into the scene, but the style is resisting against giving me some proper mushroom clouds.

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Abstractions are the last refuge of a philosopher.

Please boost! #Skateboarding poll.

When I saw this article below about a 60 year old #skateboarder, I wondered whether it is so unusual to #skateboard at that age.

Hence, I set up a quick poll:

Do you know skateboarders in these age groups? (multiple response allowed)

Happy to share for the community:
Chumbawamba - Anarchy (2012, Westpark Music)
(Format:40 Songs, OGG vorbis, tags, cover, scans)😋 title: Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
100 copies limited tarball:
! people!

For any who might be unfamiliar with saving online videos:

* is a great app.

* is a fairly decent browser add-on.

* Add "pwn" to the beginning of a full YouTube address (making it "" etc.) to bring up a pageful of online ripping tools of varying usefulness pre-pointed at that video for you.

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Me, talking to the salesman in the appliance showroom, from now until forever.

"I've worked in computing for decades. I know more about tech & the Internet than the people that design your products. You can show me any model of washer you like, but if it has wifi I won't buy it."

Is anybody else angry at Quickbooks? They have intentionally broken the “online banking” feature in order to force me into an upgrade. Online banking is actually just ASCII input of an approx 4 column text file.

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