I added Pixelfed to Producthunt
It already has 42 upvotes. But If we give it a push as Mastodon users, it can become nr 1 of the day easily.
cc/ @dansup

@patrickloonstra Was wondering where all the extra traffic was coming from!

@dansup Hope the servers are keeping up. But especially I hope that it get's more traction bu the attention.

@patrickloonstra @dansup
This is the problem we need to solve as Fediverse app developers. The vast majority of people don't know or care about ActivityPub or decentralized protocols. If we want federation to become the new paradigm, we need a better answer to this question.

I've switched to not use the phrase ActivityPub as much as possible. It just doesn't resonate. Fediverse is better, but I still don't have a good sound byte to explain it to the layperson.

@jdormit @dansup

Good point. Both term does not ring a bell at the majority of the folks. There is a need for a clear story about this movement.

I can design, can animate a bit so

Once I made this about Bitcoin and blockchain
Very nice to make, bit it takes a whole lot of time. Time I do not have at the moment.

@patrickloonstra @dansup a video would be a great format to communicate the concept. I think Mastodon had a pretty good one, but it's been a while since I watched it

@jdormit @dansup Never seen it, will do.
A brother one is better I think. With Mastodon and Pixelfed as examples.

We need to pull @Gargron also into this discussion.

We can start by writing it down on a central site. or so. Work from there to translations, make video and animation.
I do not know. But there is space to explain this new great world.

@patrickloonstra @Gargron @dansup @jdormit

There is already and Also, it would better to use other AP services over mastodon. Mastodon has much of the fediverse mindshare and we shouldn't encourage a monoculture like that.

@jdormit @patrickloonstra @dansup

This was difficult for my Mastodon users. 'federated' was weird, 'fediverse' sounds like a comic book term. I had the same issue explaining rss.

AP is fine, IMO. But it's new, it needs a super simple, short explanation to make it mean something.

When I told my users it worked like email, (at user, at place) and was a way to subscribe and follow people from anywhere, they got it instantly

@jdormit @patrickloonstra @dansup I think we need to point to some of the films and books where people are connecting thru devices regardless of app or software. That is the emphasis is on communication not the platform. That's hard to do as your trying to promote your software creation.So I like your idea of talking whenever you can.

@sikkdays @patrickloonstra @dansup I was actually advocating to not talk about ActivityPub. People's eyes just sort of glaze over the moment you say "federation protocol". Fediverse seems to work better, and @switchingsocial 's phone carrier analogy works as well. It's the difference between selling the technical details of a product vs. selling the features of the product (where in this case the "product" is the federated social web)


THIS video:

The best way to spread the vision is to lead by example (run an instance et al. FOSS software) AND bring your closest friends and family into the fold. The video I linked probably explains things better than any of us could. Personally, im planning to run a small mastodon instance of an RPi, just for my family, I think its a valid use case for an instance - 1/2

The video though, we should share throughout the fediverse for anyone who hasn't seen it / didnt know such a powerful articulation of the vision existed. #Fediverse4Life

@patrickloonstra @dansup - 2/2

@patrickloonstra @dansup

Once you bring friends and family into the fold and they fully understand, they can propogate the vision themselves. Once enough people are aware that this exists, the Fediverse will potentially reach its "tipping point" growth will explode - the faster the better, and the faster we can grow by recruiting more users but more importantly developers across the board

@patrickloonstra @dansup

It would also help to recruit internet personalities to bring in entire new communities. Why cant we get PewDiPie to have his own instance? Etc etc

@andrew @jdormit 1 hour long videos, I rearly watch them. But when it is worth it, maybe. Good point point you made, running an instance for your own small group is great. I know people who run them just for themselves. The real indiweb movement.


Real talk, there's going to be some people we can't reach. Some people who don't understand why corporate-run and advertisement-fed platforms are ruining the Web as we know it. We can try to reach out people but it'll take a _LOT_ of effort to go beyond.

@patrickloonstra @dansup

@jalcine Everything starts small. So stay active, contribute where you can and talk about what is going on in the world and here.
That is what I will and can do.

@jalcine @patrickloonstra @dansup Yeah, you're right. But we can definitely make the federated/distributed web way bigger than it is today. Maybe we can't beat Facebook, but we can definitely compete with it.

@jalcine @patrickloonstra @dansup

And I'm pretty sure we could beat Facebook btw, but it'll take a lot of branding and probably a lot of money to do so. We need people to start building their businesses on the Fediverse.

@jdormit @patrickloonstra @dansup

I agree. And there's a lot of animosity that some people have to brands and business coming to the #fediverse but I strongly agree that it's the place for business to move into.

I'd love to follow my favorite brands from THEIR sites, purchase DIRECTLY from them, etc etc.

@jdormit @patrickloonstra @dansup except... someone wanting to run their own instance WILL have to know the term "ActivityPub".

As for most not caring about decentralized, most don't care about privacy, either. You'll never sell those people on any technical, or moral reason.

The only way to serve the ones who don't care is to increase usage, and overcome the network effect.

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