Pretty exhausted this morning after one helluva weekend. Sophie got lost on Saturday morning and myself and Ariane spent the last 2 days exhaustively searching our neighborhood on food and by car, checking shelters, online postings, posting flyers everywhere before finally finding her right beside where she got lost at 9pm last night! She got home, ate a whole bowl of food and promptly passed out beside us on the couch. Delighted to have her home safe and sound.

Me: *goes to meet candidate at coffee shop, not knowing them to see*
Them: "ah you must be Patrick!"
Me: *how did they know?!"
Them: "I was told to await a man with blue hair"

unsure if this'll link nicely but I'm or in link form:

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Hey fediverse friends! We've now got our own mastodon instance for Noisebridge at ! I'm going to migrate my personal account there so you'll find yourself being re-followed shortly! See you out there ๐Ÿ˜€

It's odd that it's taken me some time to get out of the 140 character habit and actually make use of the greater space on Mastodon. Social media habits die as hard as any others apparently.

Are there any good photo editing / importing utilities on Linux that support the DNG format? I want to keep my RAW files in a non-proprietary format but ironically Lightroom is the only decent utility I've found to facilitate this :(

Close to having deployed. Should hopefully have it fully functional tonight! I also hope that it'll remain open registration for as long as possible in true Noisebridge style!

Access Now and EFF condemn the arrest of Tor node operator Dmitry Bogatov in Russia

He ran a Tor exit from home. โ€œSurveillance footage shows Bogatov and his wife leaving a supermarket four minutes before one of the posts was made on March 29. Given that the supermarket is half a kilometer from their home, it is unlikely that Bogatov could have made it home and posted online within four minutes.โ€

Funny how the GOP believes corporate welfare motivates the rich, yet social welfare demotivates the poor.

Working from home with a doggo friend roaming around is very relaxing and nice. I should do this more often!

TIL about Windows 10 anniversary update. The saga of just trying to play a video game continues. New SSD installed. New Windows 10 install which now needs this plus numerous other updates. Womp. Gonna run a few miles and hopefully things will be finished when I'm back.

Coming up on almost a year since I started running. Definitely one of the better positive life changes I've made, not only in terms of my physical health but also mental health. Using the time to disconnect and let the mind go wherever it may is wonderful.

There are a lot of new Mastodon instances now than there were this time last week.

A gentle reminder to the fledgling #Mastodon #admins to sign up for the mailing list, so you can stay abreast of releases, instance-breaking bugs, and community issues.

And just chill out with your fellow Mastodon admins.

A bot that simultaneously likes all of @mala's toots and dispatches them to me in telegram form with greatest haste.

The phrase that crops up in different forms is this: "Application of these enhancements to encrypted content would be a question of arranging permissions with the host of the encrypted media, if the host did not directly incorporate these."

No. Going begging, cap in hand, to the creators of content to ask them to transform their content into a form that you can use, is not the open web as I imagine it. We built the web *without permission* and that's how its innovation works.

Hey fediverse friends! A good friend of mine Scotty just published this awesome mini documentary about building an iPhone from parts sourced from the infamous markets in Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing powerhouse of the world. Really entertaining view behind the curtain on a fascinating side industry unknown to many. Highly recommend

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