Q?OTD: What are some foods that you once loved, and now don't enjoy very much? Sadly, I have a big list, topped by Rainbow Sherbet, and Rootbeer Floats. Nothing is older than disliking Sherbet and Floats.

Q?OTD: I know, DnD is so overplayed. Still, what’s your dump stat? The part of you that really sucks, and you can’t do anything with it? Mine is charisma. Seriously, people inexorably grow to hate me. Hi.

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Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

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New product at work - Bigfoot Lip Balm. I have fun writing the product description for this one.

Q?OTD: If you had to trapped in any year of your life forever, which year would you pick?
Mine would be somewhere around 2015. Very busy year, with little kids and lots of travel. (They’re all great years, of course. In their own ways.)

Q?OTD: What's your favorite pet (animal) that you DON'T have, and why? I've had as many cats as dogs in my life, but no cats right now. Living in suburbs, and having allergies, just not working out. Miss them, though. Think my dog (Kerry Blue Terrier) is about as cat as a dog gets, though.

Had pool renovations interrupted, and a few storms dumped a few dozen gallons in. Have built a floating pump to clear the bottom back out. Working well!

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@patrixmyth Tough choice! I'm going with our 2010 trip to Vegas for the Matador 21 celebration - long drives through desolate eastern Oregon and Nevada, three days of music at The Palms casino, and a drive home that took us through Zion and scenic Utah. We had VIP passes that got us into special shows, and box seats with free booze. So much fun, and I got to see bands I thought I'd never get to see. Everything about that trip was good.

Q?OTD: Favorite road trip. Early 90s. California to Massachusetts. Took a month. Buffalo Chips. Rushmore. Salt Lake. Niagara Falls. Every cliche. Reliable car, but pretty broke. So much kindness.

In my probably ending at some indeterminate date commitment to stimulating more content on here:
Q?OTD: What's your the worst car ownership experience?
I had a 2009 Dodge Journey, and everything was designed weirdly, highlighted by the battery being behind the left front tire.
The Journey was pushed out of existence by a German metro bus totalling it. I will give it credit for being a very adequate protective box in that incident.

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Is there anything lovelier than hot chocolate powder sprinkled on top of frothy coffee? Yes, obviously.
But is there any finer drink? Again, yes.
It's nice though.

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@patrixmyth I'm a moody eater, so it depends. My favorite cream cheese based sandwich is with blackberry jam on toast.

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@patrixmyth grilled cheese, preferably on sourdough bread and made with Tillamook medium cheddar. Dipped in a slight bit of ketchup when eaten, which is probably controversial.

Decided to not do politics and war issues here for the foreseeable future. If we used to be connected, but disconnected over that, feel free to say hi. I'm sure we're all still great people even if we disagreed in the past.

I love the option of choosing your metadata fields, and I am quite proud of my choice of favorite sandwich (cucumber and cream cheese). What's yours?


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