Working on an #FDroid page for, would be great to get some feedback on this:

Is this easy enough to follow?

Does it match what you have to do to install F-Droid on your phone?

I've updated the prototype #fdroid page on, feedback still welcome:

Is this clear for you?

Does this match your reality?

Here is my feedback:

1. Now it's all only open source, no more ? That's not what I intended with my previous comment.

2. I don't think Android 8 is when the switch between "unknown sources" and "trusted sources" happened. I think it was Android 6, but don't take my word for it.


3. should always be recommended for beginners. Especially on older Android versions. Many apps on F-Droid are supported for much older Android versions than apps from other sources.

It's not that complicated either. 1) download the apk, 2) allow unknown sources 3) install apk 4) enjoy your freedom


As I understood it, on older Androids you couldn't choose which apps had access to unknown sources.

If you switch on unknown sources for all apps, isn't there a risk people will install malware by accident while browsing the web?

Yes sure you should switch the toggle back, but still that's not too much to ask of beginners in turn for their freedom.

@paulakreuzer @switchingsocial I think the problem on old Android versions was that f-droid itself was an "unknown source". So you need to keep the setting in the less secure state to allow f-droid to install apps. In newer versions you can disallow the browser but still allow f-droid to install stuff.

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