I can't make it to the demo tomorrow, because I have to attend a funeral. Please everyone else be extra loud to make up for my absence. Thanks.

politicians all over the world have a genius plan to - I wonder why they don't reveal it?

Step 1: Do everything in their power to make sure the kills every last human on earth.

Step 2: Let the planet recover from humanitis.

activists get it wrong when they think something minor like a complete system change could be enough!

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My themed (no bots included)

πŸ’š See if your fediverse instance runs on with @greenfediverse
It's admin @moagee is tooting a lot about FFF.

πŸ₯ @VPG Propaganda - nothing more nothing less.

πŸ‘£ @tuxom posts a lot of great articles on the in English and German.

βŒ› Do you want to some more? Join @ExtinctionR@sunbeam.city

πŸ’° Put your money where your mouth is with @glsbank the best I know.

The only thing I'm sure of after the are my plans for each Friday in the next 5 years.

I just got mentioned in a post, so now I have to do one. That's how it works right?

🌱 @InvaderXan is the fediverse's official ambassador to the plant kingdom.

πŸ“· @sophia takes awesome photos - mostly of birbs.

🌻 @GwenfarsGarden is a nice place to take a stroll when you need some time off.

🌍 @gretathunberg is the only bot in this list, but I'll meet her in person next week.

Very simple rule of thumb for the :

for a party that marches with you on the demos, not one that you march against.

Just binged 4 episodes of and they were all about and . If only real politics would be concerned this much with real issues.

Let's make it so with the !

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.
Teach a woman to fish, she'll eat for a while.
Teach human kind not to fish, they'll have enough food forever.

Greta Serena Rubens

merged with Clara Serena Rubens.

License: Attribution

Derived from photo by Anders Hellberg, Source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fil
and painting by Peter Paul (Public Domain).

Dear politicians,
If pedophilia is illegal then why are you f**king with our youth?

Demanding excuse notes of kids who strike is victim blaming.
Adults are the ones who have to be sorry.


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