I ❤️ my calendar

The pun on the cover might be a bit bad, but I love that on the side you can see that I marked every Friday green for and inside it's full of sometimes helpful info on sustainable living.
This week the calendar basically says and .

I don't have and angel and a devil sitting on my shoulders.

I have one rational angel on the left, telling me that studies say that we need to mobilize 3,5-5% of the people to create change and that we should stay positive in our messaging to get those people to act, as panic only causes feelings of powerlessness.

Even further on the left I have a furious angel telling me I should panic more and use my anger to burn the unjust system to the ground.

My favorite Greta Thunberg quote about planet Earth of all time. 

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you

on the :

Q: Are you disappointing in the COP25?
A: Yeeeah boiii!

Q: Do you think the next will make a difference?
A: Don't believe the hype.

Q: What do you do to save the climate?
A: Fight the Power!

Q: What's, like, the least climate friendly thing you own?
A: My 98 Oldsmobile's like...

Q: So watcha gone do now?
A: Rebel without a pause!

What was your favorite part of 2019?

Btw, there's just one right answer!

You want to do something about the , but don't want to get your ass off the couch?

Then sign the European Citizen Initiative by

There is also an ECI to start taxing aviation:

Then watch this video to know how much I appreciate what you just did:


You can keep your butt on the couch until November 29th btw. Then it's time to stand up and march!

Offline for the . See y'all again on September 28th.

I might post some pics on Pixelfed: @paulakreuzer though.

politicians all over the world have a genius plan to - I wonder why they don't reveal it?

Step 1: Do everything in their power to make sure the kills every last human on earth.

Step 2: Let the planet recover from humanitis.

activists get it wrong when they think something minor like a complete system change could be enough!

Follow for Future!

My themed (no bots included)

💚 See if your fediverse instance runs on with @greenfediverse
It's admin @moagee is tooting a lot about FFF.

🥝 @VPG Propaganda - nothing more nothing less.

👣 @tuxom@mastodon.at posts a lot of great articles on the in English and German.

⌛ Do you want to some more? Join @ExtinctionR@sunbeam.city

💰 Put your money where your mouth is with @glsbank the best I know.

The only thing I'm sure of after the are my plans for each Friday in the next 5 years.

I just got mentioned in a post, so now I have to do one. That's how it works right?

🌱 @InvaderXan is the fediverse's official ambassador to the plant kingdom.

📷 @sophia takes awesome photos - mostly of birbs.

🌻 @GwenfarsGarden@sunbeam.city is a nice place to take a stroll when you need some time off.

🌍 @gretathunberg is the only bot in this list, but I'll meet her in person next week.

Very simple rule of thumb for the :

for a party that marches with you on the demos, not one that you march against.

Just binged 4 episodes of and they were all about and . If only real politics would be concerned this much with real issues.

Let's make it so with the !

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.
Teach a woman to fish, she'll eat for a while.
Teach human kind not to fish, they'll have enough food forever.

Dear politicians,
If pedophilia is illegal then why are you f**king with our youth?

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