@w4tsn Ich glaube nicht, dass Fairphones in Repaircafes sehr oft vorkommen, da es die Fairphone Angels gibt.

Das sind freiwillige Leute aus der Fairphone Community @WeAreFairphone die anderen Besitzern - meist zu Hause - ihre Fairphones reparieren oder sonst irgendwie helfen.

Hier ist die vorläufige Homepage der Angels:


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Am 29. November (#BlackFriday) findet der 4. Weltweite #KlimaStreik statt!

Kohle, Öl und Gas zerstören unsere Zukunft und die Politik sieht tatenlos zu. Daher fordern wir das sofortig Ende von Subventionen für fossile Brennstoffe und klimaschädliche Projekte.


12:00 Start U2 Krieau
12:30 Start des Demozugs
14:00 Kundgebung vor den Ministerien für Nachhaltigkeit, Wirtschaft und Finanzen
15:00 Ende

#NeustartKlima #FridaysForFuture

Do people even know anymore that they can upload original photos to and don't have to first take a screenshot of the photo so the upload has ugly bars and annoying dots?

I wish there was a filter to hide such posts.

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Coming out as trans question 

Coming out as trans question 

You want to do something about the , but don't want to get your ass off the couch?

Then sign the European Citizen Initiative by

There is also an ECI to start taxing aviation:

Then watch this video to know how much I appreciate what you just did:


You can keep your butt on the couch until November 29th btw. Then it's time to stand up and march!

I'm blocking all rechirps via filter keywords, so all that I know of what's going on on the birdsite is when reads a chirp to me.

My favorite part are Trump's ellipsis-typos.

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"Woman dies from explosion at gender reveal party"

how many more casualties does gender need to make before it's abolished ?

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@mmarif @raboof Yup, we have just released the 1st beta of #mobilizon : framablog.org/2019/10/15/mobil (with a demo instance).

It's still a work in progress we plan to integrate #activityPub federation by the end of the year, and a full v1 release during 1st semester 2020.

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@fedilab Will there be a "choose from file" option too some day?

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Is anyone else watching this bizarre comedy TV show - I think it's called "Tales of a "?

It's a completely unrealistic story about hilariously idiotic criminals. Even though it keeps getting weirder with every season it's only getting better.

My favorite character is this guy. He is the detective who keeps unveiling crimes, but because he is a bit quirky nobody takes him seriously.

I think the show airs on most US TV channels 24/7. Go check it out.

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