It's tomorrow night, friends!
VuDu Lounge 411 N Scott Ave Wichita Falls - Divas of the Night with host and DJ SKYE. It'll be awesome! See you there.

"Themes" vary every single week at Vudu Lounge Wichita Falls and most are "tame" - from ART shows to open mic, to DJ'd parties to movies, and much more - but this coming weekend will be AWESOME, reminiscent of their grand opening and some would say going beyond. Come on down! Do not miss this! Friday 7/12th and Sat 7/13th. 411 N. Scott Ave, Wichita Falls TX 😍

FRIENDS, DO ME A BIG FAVOR and simply CLICK on my YouTube link regarding . πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŒˆ It will help lift it up from page 2 of search results. It's 49 seconds. Thank you! πŸ’„πŸ’‹

Happy everyone! On top of GREAT evening themes tonight and tomorrow ~ SATURDAY JUNE 8th starting at 7pm is going to be LIT. Artists and their work, live body painting, and much more.

, 411 N. Scott Avenue,

Happy Friday, everyone! Take a break from the "news cycle" and read something FUN... My blog on a great friend Norm Rice. Well worth the short read πŸ‘πŸ’–

I'm almost at the goal and "SHOULD" be able to book the surgery appointment this week for next week (Tuesday it might snow). Any amount will help, especially since I'm close due to the generosity of kind people. Thanks, everyone.

Say hello to my friend of almost 10 years, Norm Rice.. He's a consummate Portland Oregon and a great guy πŸ’•
You can reach him at :

GREAT. Skin . No wonder it wouldn't heal. I have to have this removed ASAP; I hate to ask but here's my :

Many thanks to for helping me, and thanks for your consideration. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't truly urgent. Love to all.

As if we needed any reminders about ~ I've uninstalled both apps from my Android. I can't "quit" FB altogether; it's a necessary evil. I sure can cut usage by 90% though, and have starting yesterday. This article is shocking even to me. NYT was the source, this is highlights:

Hi everyone, back to Mastodon with a vengeance & apologies for dragging my feet posting here and finding friends ... I'm now fully committed and WOW has the platform & interface improved since I signed up a year ago. Congratulations. Let's all make a complete success and leave the data-seller "platforms" behind. Cheers!

Conflicting reports now on Tom Petty... CBS has apologized for the erroneous premature report that he's passed away. Apparently taken off life support 2 hours ago.

i guess since not many people use mastodon i could use it as a sort of sounding board for my less furry creative ideas in writing and gaming

If anyone can recommend good android client for I'd be grateful. For now I'll just use Chrome Browser bookmark πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

I'm very happy to be here on ~ I'm Paul Roberts, , photographer in Wichita Falls TX and Palm Springs CA ~ hoping to make new friends here. Although I am a fan of Twitter's 140 characters, having 480 HERE is very cool. Let's face it, we probably ALL hate FB! LOL! I friend/follow back all real people, especially if you are a or piercings fan and support Democrats (although I have many Repub friends). Let's be friends. Cheers all, have a great day.


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