Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney, the kind of song that reminds you of itself, makes you want to listen to it, before revealing itself as itself. Golden.

My programming day today began with having a list of 9 items to check off. I started with the “just make the hack work” mentality but quickly got turned off because that’s what had got me into the mess in the first place.

Then I spent some time trying to “do it right”, but realised that might take a week, which I do not have.

Then I ate popcorn and almost cried.

Then I fixed 7/9 of the issues in about an hour by hacking the back.

Lay listening to the rain pattering on the window for a few minutes earlier and everything was perfect.

This one was about the tech stack behind the two event sites that I worked on most recently.

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Anyway, fuck all that shit. Head down, do good stuff. Fuck the noise. Engage with nice people. A family of 7 signed up for Úll today. That’s the size of family I grew up with. I’m so excited for the mix of folks coming.

I’m much more personally frustrated that I don’t ship more stuff than not having “enough” money (what does enough even mean here) ... but I have so much coming up to show the world that it doesn’t bother me. Just hurts to have my face rubbed in it.

Had a shocker of a day because I was told that I was a failure because I don’t have enough cash. Loads of issues around the circumstances, but suffice to say, I could have more but I’m really very satisfied with my lot in life and the opportunities that I have and have had.

Today I re-implemented the Tito order form using modern JS and tightly scoped CSS and modern fontawesome and a few design quirks and man I’m looking forward to shipping regularly.

It really does feel like Mastodon is taking off. It’s definitely a solid alternative.

Apparently I have 1800 followers on Medium. I didn’t even know that Medium had followers! Anyway, I’m continuing to write. I think the quality could go up, but the very act of getting my thoughts out at all has been very therapeutic, and I’ve started creating new topics to write about.

Today I wrote about constraints:

Doing things is exhilarating and terrifying and tiring and I'm going to bed and giving my body some exercise tomorrow.

The art of sales, at least for me, is basically just a constant scream of "aaaaarrrrgghhhhh" inside my head and desperate efforts not to embarrass myself.

Why don't I write more? Selling conference tickets is a really good motivation to write, but dammit, I write so much in my head, I hate that I need a commercial interest to actually put words down.

Anyway, my latest on conference design is about naming events:

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“Instead, Begich and Walker will both appear on the November ballot, threatening to split the liberal vote and throw the election to whoever wins the Republican nomination”

Splitting a vote is the worst effect of non-proportional voting systems. This wouldn’t happen in Ireland, because folks can vote for the two similar candidates in their preference order.

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