Some thoughts shouldn't be expressed. They should remain an unseen, unheard, unknown hurricane swirling through your grey cells. They should be written down with mental ink, trapped inside a brain binder, and never opened again. But the binder always opens, the thoughts escape, and the writing has to be. Has to happen. Or you know you'll go insane. If you aren't already.

Some days you just can’t write fast enough. When I finish Destruction, I’m going to write an essay about this book and how it came to life. Sheesh. Learning experience, to say the least.

Played R6 Siege last night. In three matches, jackasses killed each other, the hostage, supports, and anything else they could do to tank the game. Basically, a couple of jerks did everything they could to ruin the game for everyone.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Howdy, folks. I just discovered a band called "Blood Box." I've been writing the Derelict Saga while listening to Yen Pox's "Blood Music," "New Dark Age," and "Between the Horizon and the Abyss."

Blood Box's "Funeral In An Empty Room" is in the same class. Creepy, eerie, and brimming with sci-fi-ish textures, it's sure to get added to the playlist for the next steps in the Derelict Saga.

This will be my only self-promotion post for the day. But since I just released a new novel, I think I can be forgiven.

"Ghere's Inferno," a police procedural/urban fantasy/supernatural thriller is now available in ebook from Amazon. TPB and audiobook to follow in January. Check it out.

Book idea: NK allows a soldier to "defect." Said soldier is a carrier of a new virus. Spreads through SK and to the world...

Part of me is paranoid enough to believe it's possible.

Good morning, kids. Two days until the new book drops and I have so much to do. SO MUCH TO DO! Like finish this other book.

If you're interested in seeing the cover for "Ghere's Inferno," which I'll be releasing in ebook on December 22nd, go here to take a look.

Yes, yes I did just do that. And now I have to figure out how to get these damned characters to somehow survive it. *SMH* Can't I just kill them all?

Ah, the age old question for me. Do I kill this character I love so much? Or just grievously wound them? Decisions, decisions, decisions. I need to write a random number algorithm seeded by importance to story. Hmm...

I promised myself I couldn't purchase nor play the new South Park game until I finished Destruction. So the plan is to finish it before my bday so I can spend the weekend playing. Yeah, we'll see how THAT works out.

The worst part of "publishing" is waiting for automated reviews, the usual Amazon BS, and running up against a deadline. The best part? It's almost over.

90k and rising. I WILL finish this book this month, dammit. I WILL FINISH IT!

We're going live at 2230 CST for a video thang. Doing my best to both stay awake and not freak out.

Working titles for new Sol & Beyond books:
Signal Decay
SFMC: Trident
Derelict: Neptune
SFMC: S&R White

I should really stop outlining these new books until I finish Destruction. But some of these require certain things to happen in Destruction. So, um, yeah.

Contains extreme profanity and righteous anger. 

Fuck you, Trump. Fuck you, FCC. Fuck you, big corporations. Fuck you, SCOTUS, for allowing this to happen by giving corporations more fucking rights than goddamned human beings.

Good morning, kids. Lots to do lots to do lots to do. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit injecting liquid plutonium in my veins. Or, um, something like that.

"Call it destiny, call it fate
Chose my direction: Running forward
Each life to learn anew, whatever may come"--VNV Nation, Arena

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