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Paul Free (14 Ⓐ, europe) @paulfree14

I always have observed the agenda of with suspect.
Are there some ppl seeing themselfs as but still being anti-hierachical?
Always asumed one calls it then . but i might be wrong

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@paulfree14 Lots of libertarian communists and communist anarchists. Kropotkin was a communist.

@KevinCarson1 ... hmm true, but do they call themselfs as communists then?
for me it was always a big different if one says I'm like anarcho communists or I'm a communist.

@risabee @KevinCarson1 @paulfree14 The only guy I know who flies the hammer and sickle does support a hierarchical​ 'transition'. Marx claimed this was a necessary transition, (although he claimed he was no longer a Marxist in his last life.)

All the anarcho-xers I've met don't support any coerced hierarchy.

@douginamug @risabee @paulfree14 Yeah, I just meant ppl who used small-c "communist" without specifying anarchist, but aren't necessarily MLs. Most ppl who use the hammer & sickle are MLs, aren't they?

@KevinCarson1 @douginamug @paulfree14 Perhaps; though I let them self-describe just to be sure. I lean more toward the Bakunin/Georgist/Ruskin/Bookchin end of the continuum.

@risabee @douginamug @paulfree14 Yeah, I like them -- especially the Georgists and Bookchin. I like communists like Kropotkin and Colin Ward who are so fond of human agency and the particularity of what people have worked out for themselves in different times and places that it's hard to tell they're actually communists or advocates of any other specific organizational model.

@KevinCarson1 @risabee @paulfree14 I've come across Bakunin and Kropotkin... Are there any resources you could recommend for a brief overview of the others?

@douginamug @KevinCarson1 @paulfree14 Maybe start with "Listen, Marxist!" by Murray Bookchin? 😄

My favorite Bookchin is Post-Scarcity Anarchism, and particularly the essay on liberatory technology. The discussion of on-demand production with general-purpose craft machinery and switching frequently from one product line to another anticipated Emilia-Romagna, not to mention the micromanufacturing movement 30 years later. @risabee @douginamug @paulfree14

@KevinCarson1 @risabee @paulfree14 thanks for all the links, and goodnight! I've burned enough of the midnight oil this night.

@douginamug @paulfree14 @risabee @KevinCarson1 tbh, today's most relevant bit is probably "Democratic Confederalism".

@douginamug @KevinCarson1 @paulfree14 Reading Ruskin's "Unto This Last" was the defining moment for Gandhi, FWIW. Another thing is the effort by two late 19c Popes to keep the West from falling down the Communist rabbit hole by directing in papal bulls that the "top" must do something for the "bottom" of society, beginning with some form of land reform. This became Distributism, which led to E.F. Schumacher among others: "Economics as if People Matter."

William Morris -- a Marxist who sounded a lot like an anarchist at times -- also started out as a disciple of Ruskin @risabee @douginamug @paulfree14

.@douginamug @risabee @paulfree14 You're not showing up in my notifications for some reason. For Henry George his main work is Progress and Poverty. Colin Ward produced a huge body of work that's mostly case studies, especially on self-built social housing and squats -- I did an appreciation of him, with a lot of quotes, here:

The most comprehensive and well-known work of Ward's is Anarchy in Action. There's a shitload of free pdfs online. @paulfree14 @risabee @douginamug

@paulfree14 I guess anarchism is just a bit less precisely articulated then communism, a little bit more individualistic in the sense that you do not view yourself necessarily as part of an existing state, or a group, but as a person with custom beliefs of your own, which may be different from anybody else's but you believe in exercising them without any restrictions, or any responsibilities being placed upon you without your explicit permission. Communism believes in all people being equal.