There's the idea of organizing a for .

Firs location proposal was .

Who of you would be interested in a ?

fav. : I'm in
boost : let's spread it to make it succsed

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the :

fokus might be OStatus. ...but is just one part of the . And as is a federated network there is always a motivation in federation/collaboration.
I don't think we need to see OStatus, matrix, hubzla, diaspora, mastodon ....etc. as seperate projects but part of the fediverse.
In order to improve it might be usefull of having OStaus focused hackatons with devs. from zot, diaspora, and co....and also the other ways around.

....ah also I should mention, that there might be no reason in having it focuses.
Cause there are also and simliar forks tryn to solve issues based in .
So how about a for and forks?

gnusocial hackaton 

@pettter @paulfree14 Fav on that! Also, purpose for hackathon? Any desired outcome? Perhaps a Python-based rewrite of #GNUSocial? ;)

@pettter @oplife
still everthing open. didn't like to pre-define what it's about. I think those joining that should be those deciding...but of course best with input from the community so it's not just pure docracy

@paulfree14 @pettter I understand and I do agree that it's good to not pre-define topics. It was more a proposal for projects/themes based on what I talked with @mmn about. :)

@paulfree14 I can't do anything too far from Houston, TX (southern US) but I support an event to improve the software.

@paulfree14 Maybe have a distributed , for those that can't make it to one location?

@bthall yes love that idea. maybe there can be even multible hackathons which federate

@paulfree14 Nothing cool ever happens in LA. Open Source stuff is always in the Bay Area or Europe

@noflag make it happen. Even if it's just a little one.
It could federate with other hackathons happening at the same time in multible places.

I am boosting this if it helps, do you read the boost here?
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