I'm about to make a research about and it's community to also find out what should be improved.

It will basicly be a quantitative research.

What would you like to know from mastodons community, if there's anything?

Here're some questions I had in mind:

- why did you joined mastodon?
- are you thinking to switch back to twitter?
- in which way do you contribute to mastodon?
- In which way do you think of contributing in the future?

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For you to consider, since you were kind enough to ask:

Q: If you are on both Mastodon and Twitter, how have you shaped your digital identity for each space? Same or different?

Thx (and OK if you don't use it)

@paulfree14 I'd also be curious how folks chose instances, how many have multiple accounts.

1. Because it sounded awesome, any alternative to a corporate thing I uses gets me interested. I'd prefer I use as few corporate things as possible
2. Not if I can avoid it.
3. I mean toot-wised I've made short little comments, shared #videos and #photos and some #poetry
4. everything I just said in 3. but also probably money.

@paulfree14 in order:

- i saw mention of it and liked the federated & AGPL aspects

- twitter is pretty much dead to me (but i gave up a while ago)

- i support a few instance admins on patreon

- it's possible that i'll spend development time on the project or related code

@paulfree14 -
Twitter was fun for a while, but twitter seems to be infected by a lot of the same problems of any capitalist speech platform (eg - hierarchy of voices, pay for speech, accumulation of followers and views as power, etc.) The word limit is a little constricting too. And many people are very harsh.

I go back to sometimes check on twitter, but I'm trying to not rt or tweet. Discussion seems healthier here

Not as much as I should. I do watch the issues list. I haven't put anything formal into it though. I've thumbs-up'd some issues on github I think are important.

At some point it would be fun to code some enhancements if I ever get the time. Fundamentally I think the most important thing is to get the open social networks (diaspora/gnu social/etc) all integrated together

@paulfree14 might be interesting to see how many currently use both Twitter and Masto. And whether there’s a different use case for each platform. Not everyone will have completely abandoned the bird site yet, I’d imagine.

@paulfree14 ah, I answered without looking at the full thread. I see @dogtrax had the same thought as me. Last week. :)

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