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Let's see if we can organize through the fediverse a .

It will start with building small autonomous groups which will join depending of their interest working/action circles.

Sharing groups:
- to not deal alone with problems
- to support each other
- to increase our possibilities
- to break the logic of capitalism
- to share what we can
- to take what we need
- to maintain resources as commons
- maintaining friendship


join in, and spread:

Paul Free (14 Ⓐ, europe) @paulfree14

We can speak about , writing an emotional toot how bad it is and that it really needs to change...

...and we also can think of how to overcome it.

Within mastodon people from around the world in all sorts of different economic situations are here

We are the once able to overcome inequality If we act in .

We have learned enough to know how bad inequality is.
Let's bring us through the closer to .



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