'If fascism could be defeated in debate I assure you that it would never have happend, neither in Germany nor Italy nor anywhere else.'

- Frank Frinson, holocaust survivor

Adolf Hitler

"Only one thing could have stopped our movement - if our adversaries had understood its principle and from the first day smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement'

was/is much about recruitment. If you don't feel attracted by it, you aren't the target audience

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@paulfree14 Did Hitler really say that? That would be a strong counter-argument to the lesson I was drawing from the 1930s (mostly point 5). Though to be sure, if Nazism could have been defeated by the courts and votes, Hitler probably wouldn't have admitted it.

What's the source of the quote? Mein Kampf? Table Talk?

there is some truth in it.
but it's not ignoring but understanding on how the narratives are being played.
Mentioning often a altright webpage and just sayn how bad it is, is just free propaganda for the as happend with .

So it's about which attention gets who instead of ignoring.

Well that and a war of all wars. I find violence abhorrent, and would hope it never comes to that. But we do seem to have an unhinged idiot at the helm who does seem hell bent on creating the exact conditions necessary for such a movement. I'm not very optimistic.

Maybe some of them will look at themselves, with their homemade riot shields & batons chanting hate, and perhaps not like what they see? That, or hopefully, slither back to their dark hate filled holes.


Sort of destroys my approach only totally.

Anyone got a small thermo nuclear device just lying around?

@celesteh @paulfree14

And how scary is that? Doubt that he will be lobbing one in the direction of any facists.

How can I sleep nights?

@crowdyke @paulfree14

There's a protest organised by the CND outside the US embassy this sunday.

@celesteh @crowdyke
knowing that it will make the counter movment stronger day by day.
knowing that many liberals are getting a 'wake up call'. ...and that many new ppl are getting introduced into and .
knowing that solidarity within the white house is shrinking.
...and most important knowing that america just comes from a history of slavery an kkk.
most ppl don't want that again.
....but yeah, there is work in front of us.

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