still believe climate change is a haox?

Something 'the elites' wanting to believe us so we except weather manipulation and such?

And you feel bad that ppl don't believe the ?

I'm really sry to tell you, but it's hard for me to not make jokes about you.
Cause there are litarly elites making millions with selling the conspiracy theory that climate change is a haox.

That's truth and it's a conspiracy against humans future.

@paulfree14 do you come across anthropological climate change deniers on Mastodon?

Also, all successful capitalists I know of are not deniers personally: it would harm their profits to make poor predictions.

@douginamug yeah just once.
capitalists often don't messure the long term effect, because that doesn't effect their profit.
So they can make a hell lot shit decision and even increase their profit by that.
It's like as better you can trick and exploid ppl as higher your reward.

Those companies doing that less loose market shares.

Also there is Trump, David Icke, Alex Jones..... all elites selling hoax and gaining power through that.

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@douginamug and just from a capitlist perspective:
you can make profit out of climate change and air polution.
Build shity cars polution the air as long as the reward is great.
Make the goverment sponsor you.
change production once the risk gets to high of loosing market shares.
That's what german car companies do.

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