I did it again, propaganda, and you can help.

There will be soon a campaing starting under 31/12

I've made a thread criticizing , and introducing .

If you happen to still have a handle, you can help to get this ranked under the top with fav and/or rt

This could bring once the campaign kicks in, many twitter refugees into thd

Thx for spreading :)

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@paulfree14 Dude, spelling is a thing. I can't retweet something with 3/4 spelling mistakes.

You can also write a post under the same #
I personaly don't care to much about spelling mistakes. If I see them, they don't bother me, even so shure I try to improve.

But our brain is made so that we understand the message anyway, imho.

I believe we shouldn't value a message based on the capability the sender has to overbring the message.


I can wrtie stheinmog and as lnog the rhgit lteters are uesd you can raed it wotuhit linsoog it's meaning

@paulfree14 I agree that people can understand the message but it's hard enough to convince people of something without simultaneously trying to get them to swallow a message full of mistakes as well.

A certain group of people will tune out completely, or assume the person is not serious, when they see these mistakes.

I only mention this because I think your message is important.

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