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Paul Free (14 Ⓐ, europe)

I saw today many people posting # of their interest, with the intention that new people can more better discover others.

I would like if discover people based on keywords used in their profile description (if they set in their settings to be searchable)
simliar as it's for example possible within or .

Would you like something like it?

(if you're afraid of possible abuse of that there should be a solution)

fire in spain but gov. needs it's 10.000 mili police to beat voters Show more

Julien Assagne seems to be lost with his philosophy. He only can think in terms of centralized plattforms, even while he know about , mastodon and hubzilla.

This is to all new people joining the fesiverse, and to all making it run, and to all shitposter, and to all unicorns.

Those who are new and wonder what we do here.

Well mostly we toot.

happy tooting! :)

VP of catalonia signals to support indipendence declaration, doesn't matter what.
This was the initial message VP Junqueras responded to:

''Yesterday in Congress, today in Pça Catalunya the same message: surrender or repression @KRLS @junqueras is the time to take the risk of liberation''

his response:

'Totally agree'

I really like the follower count in
No celeb status. No I follow because you have many follower.

Can all instaces have this? :-)


'In 1492, native Caribbeans discovered Columbus lost and hungry at sea.'

''Trump's actions are those of a would-be neo-fascist despot. Please share these indicators that the president is a clear and present danger.''

the image lists some, yet there is more :(


spanish police is emotionaly prepared for catalan takeover:

Here official statements:

Union Federal de Policia:
Contra los golpistas....¿Hablamos...?

Against the coup ... We talk ...?

Guardia Civil:

Huge 😂😂😂 For weeks I said something like 😂😂😂. A hug.

Enormes 😂😂😂 Hace semanas yo dije algo igual 😂😂😂. Un abrazo.

(shows police with weapons)

BREAKING: spain/Rojoy is confused, official statement Show more

gov. declared indipendence on just to suspend the declaration some secounds after, in favor of not being threatend by military and to have dialoge with .

This how it looked like in a state being existing for around 8 sec:

There was the fear that spanish gov. could just take over the parliament by force if they would have declared indipendence today.

Catalan gov just declared (temporarly) suspended indipendence today and signing the declaration of indipendence documents.

The intention is to continue with the indipendence process, but to form a dialoge with spanish gov.

many people in front of the parliament watching this unfolding feel betrayed.

...long night to come

catalan fire fighters, fight against police violence and call for international support Show more

It dsen't mttaer to mcuh in wchih oedr ltteres are, as lnog as the fsrit and the lsat are cerorct pcelad.

Our biarn is clbapae of tlnartsnitg inoimartofns bsead on Lneraed pnrattes/expectations.

Message to the anti-indipendence protesters, today in :

“Dear Spaniards. We Catalans love you, it's the state that we can't abide"

'...Spanish military police chief Ángel Gozalo, who was responsible for assaulting hundreds of voters on Sunday, kisses the Spanish flag in front of admiring unionist demonstrators today.'

Also duing todays rally in fascist saluts, while many of the protesters been charterd from other parts of spain.

The streets are filled with protesters in . This time anti-indipendence and pro 'unity'.
Here some impressions how it looks like when and have called together for a march against the selfdetermination of ppl living in .
They are charted from all spain to . many aren't catalans.