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Politicians, germany, bad turkey, stop sell weapons, sell 'case by case' Show more

lawmakers against Erdogan, accusing genocide and war crimes Show more

phone calls in turkey are now starting with a propaganda speech by the dictator erdagon Show more

What makes young African Muslims join jihadi groups? Show more

Al-Queda are calling militants to 'help' Rohingya in Burma/Myanmar. Show more

The data of several Canadian journalists was collected by police in aggressive hunt for their sources Show more

turkish monopoly edition for journalists.

''Tens of thousands of Turkish citizens detained or dismissed from their jobs on the basis of downloading an encrypted messaging app''

Anarchists in France calling for General Strike, today Show more

thousands in Turkey were arrested for downloading an encrypted messaging app Show more

A reminder that if you're designing computer security systems in 2017, the following threat profiles are actually all the same threat actor:

* 4chan
* neo-Nazis
* Twitter trolls
* radical theocrats
* the Russian Mob
* the Russian President
* the Florida casino mafia
* the New York real estate mafia
* armed conspiracy theorists
* some Silicon Valley billionaire CEOs and venture capitalists
* The Senate, Congress and President of the United States

Not even joking. This is where we are.

''You cannot buy the revolution.
You cannot make the revolution.
You can only be the revolition.
It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.''

- Ursula K. Le Guin

you have blocked the local timeline of the instance for being viewed by non-members, right?
Cause I can't see it.
Some ppl al(f) ppl using it already? Would like to follow some.

This is why you shouldn't take man movments by their words, but serious, 1/5 Show more

still believe climate change is a haox?

Something 'the elites' wanting to believe us so we except weather manipulation and such?

And you feel bad that ppl don't believe the ?

I'm really sry to tell you, but it's hard for me to not make jokes about you.
Cause there are litarly elites making millions with selling the conspiracy theory that climate change is a haox.

That's truth and it's a conspiracy against humans future.