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Telegraph pole from bus stop.
Fountain pen and red ink.
10 mins
Notebook: Beto
📞 🖊 🚌

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Bus Stop drawings.
Poorly executed renditions of municipal infrastructure.
It’s done though.
Notebook: Beto
Biro and V-ball.

Had vague memory of a TV show where Jim Henson & Frank Oz were interviewed and some of the actual creatures from the film came on stage. I searched YouTube and there it was!

Bus stop drawings. Another tree and a broken fence atop a brick wall.
Notebook: Beto
Coloured biro with very cold hands.
20 mins

Bus Stop drawing. Silver birches on the Queens Road.
Due to the workplace shift and commuting adjustment expect a lot more bus stop themed sketching. It’s the only time I get the time, if you catch my drift. There’s plenty to see at each one. 🚌 🌳 ✍️

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Mastodon gives you an RSS feed?! I did not know this!

Finally got this going on my mobile. Let’s do this!

I write a lot in , so I might be posting a lot of that type of thing.

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@paulgreer are you using an iPhone? If so, I use @tootapp which I believe still has slots open for beta testing. Or if you don’t want to use something in beta, I also like Amaroq.

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