Today's weather is a Wintry Mix. We'll be playing all your wintry favorites from DMB, Sarah McLachlan, and more.

Congrats Apple, you did it, the entire UI is just buttons now, hope it feels good

Texas abortion law 

Looking forward to all of those companies who chose to move to Texas change their minds now! Especially those ones that tout privacy and human rights! Ha, ha, yeah. That's going to happen, right? Riiiight?

Apple's interfaces are generally the best out there AND ALSO have been rapidly declining in quality over the past 5-10 years AND ALSO there's no other company that can compete due to their size 🤷

"Apps Getting Worse" by Tim Bray

My wife and I have a running joke where she'll complain about some awful new "feature" in an app that makes the experience worse, and I'll say "Somebody got a promotion for that." The sad thing is it's probably true.

us pol 

There are really two major political parties: liberal Democrats and conservative Democrats. The GOP is a dying group of trolls, holding on to power wherever they can.

Wikipedia sentences of the damned:

"In 2016, Schlotzsky's introduced a new restaurant chain called Schlotzsky's Austin Eatery, which targets Millennials with a menu featuring Austin-inspired food from the city."

I've heard so much about how terrible it is that brands whisked away their pride month logos, this is a great example of what they should be doing instead. :)

Ted Leo's "The Tyranny of Distance" is 20 today.

It's still a fantastic album, of course. For me personally it's in my "third wave" of music blowing me away – stuff I discovered in 2000-2003ish that was formative and influential for me.

"Timorous Me" is probably my fave track on the album but it's hard to pick just one. "Squeeky Fingers" is so, so good too.

A very typical exchange looked like:

"Hey, you have this car on your site. Can you verify the numbers on your calculator are correct?"

"Come in! We'll talk. Is today good?!"

"No, I need the numbers."

"I get it. Come on in! I'm here all day."

"No, really, I need the numbers."

"I get it! We'll meet your budget! Come on in!"

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Just went through another round of car shopping and had a combination of good and bad:

1. Websites are generally horrible
2. Some have an "Express" site (at a different URL) that shows actual pricing upfront, and that's pretty great
3. The amount of lead tracking is bananas; one dealer sent me a text while I was browsing the site. LET ME SURF THE WWW IN PEACE
4. Tons of junk email
5. The number of dealers who won't share numbers but say "Just come on in" is still awful

And so yes, emoji review time –

😕 The new St. Vincent album is just not enough for me. I can get with a good pastiche but the songs in general are... not... amazing.

🙅🏻‍♀️ The new Lorde single is the whitest thing I have ever heard. It is... not good.

😐 I want to love the Bachelor album more than I do, but "Stay in the Car" is the only thing that bops for me.

Thus, I'm worried to even listen to the new Sleater-Kinney album.

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My capacity for another new album from a favorite artist consisting solely of mid-tempo ballads is really, really not there anymore.

More detail - uspol 

Bonus note: these shirts are almost always (in my experience) all caps, which may be a subtle jab? I don't know.

There are probably all-lowercase "unwoke" shirts out there.

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bo burnham really does sound just like weird al though

More detail - uspol 

I mean, I live in the west, there are a lot of people with the usual things like "PROTECT THE SECOND" (amendment) and US flags on pickups and shit like that, but this one kinda hit me differently, you know?

It was a white person with the shirt on, probably not surprising, but still – so boldly and clearly declaring ignorance. And that person or someone bought that. And someone made money from that.

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I saw a person at the grocery store last week wearing a shirt that said "UNWOKE" and I can't stop thinking about it

Congratulations to car dealership websites for replicating the superb in-store experience on the web

covid-19 media 

Maybe we should stop interviewing vaccine hold-outs and instead profile vaccine recipients and figure out all the cool ways they want to contribute to a healthier society.

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