Me: [researches dog food options for weeks, makes a decision, buys new food for dogs]

Dogs, Day 1: Hey, great, new food!

Dogs, Day 2: No thanks, over it

2020, and having a single shared family photo repository without a ton of manual setup remains a lofty dream.

Imagine actually making a streaming service called Peacock and realistically thinking people will say, ever, "I watched it on Peacock"

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Who is out there buying hair trimmers every 3 months, for real

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By far one of the weirder parts of modern ecommerce is, "Subscribe to this item you would never ever actually want to get on a regular basis and we'll give you a discount."


There's going to be a show trial of Obama by November, isn't there.

Baked a cake as part of our Mother's Day festivities and you know, I can't remember the last time I baked a cake from scratch! But here we are.

Oh, and on personal finance (while I'm ranting) - YNAB is good for tracking, and I am a paying user. But in my estimation all other options are just inadequate. Beyond that, I do all financial forecasting in a spreadsheet. The year is 2020, by the way, and this type of software could be SO empowering for people. And yet.

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Apple's Screen Time is a C- effort at best. Can't block songs at all. Clean/explicit is too broad, and not granular enough. Also, can't turn off individual apps on a specific platform. And the website approved/unapproved list stuff only works on Safari, but it's broken AF.

It's all disappointing. Computing is an integral part of our lives, and the tools given to parents to help kids and tweens grow into that are completely awful.

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Parental controls on modern computing devices all really, really suck. It's abysmal that Apple's is the best, and it's still a total cluster.

Feels analogous to personal finance software in a lot of ways: it's a category that COULD be amazing, but is just kind of meh at best.

Turned on "increase contrast" in macOS for a few reasons (aesthetic and personal preference) and discovered today that Apple Music does NOT comply with it. This screenshot is what happens when one types in the search box... the search box is under this panel and 100% hidden!

Remember, kids, test your software

(It's not really sensitive content, but a bad UX is pretty bad so)

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Hot garbage. Also, this has now locked me out of my health insurance account. GEE THANKS

"Waltz No. 2 (XO)" will forever be one of my favorite songs, always and forever and ever.

Six hour power outage, all told; having it happen at night is the "best" time.

We've worked with an epidemologist and a healthcare policy expert to make Social Distancing: The Game. How many people can you save? Please share widely.

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