I bookmarked someone on Instagram before I realized every other post of theirs is a fucking ad and it is SO ANNOYING and how do people put up with that shit?

Free store name for a restaurant: A Penne for Your Sauce

well it’s time to fire up the grill in the rain again

The flowers this year are so numerous that I’m out of vases and fully in Ball jar territory. 💐

us pol 

Channeled some feelings into my blog instead of getting up in somebody's replies today. sixohthree.com/twitter-vs-mast

Shout out to one of my all time favorite internet things: this collection of images of novelty baby clothing on zazzle but with the default model switched to an adult.


When I walked by the *rump Hotel earlier today, it smelled like fresh manure outside, which is completely appropriate

We all never recovered from the initial idea of VRML, did we

Flowers are a full month behind where they were last year; it’s been cooler and wetter. But man, I missed these blooms!

Really miss when surfing the internet was a thing

I am mostly certain that after their last pledge drive, my favorite public radio music station here got rid of all their on-air hosts. Really disappointed about it, and mildly surprised there's nothing on the internet about it.

I look forward to seeing Hormel drop some coin on a few shows here

The most recent episode of Reply All was brought to you by, I am not making this up, Hillshire Farm – in case you're wondering how the Spotify purchase is going.

Every startup ever: We are singularly focused on this product and this product line, going to make it great

One year later: Now we are selling hot dogs too, for some reason

US Pol 

So many artists have covered "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", but the only ones worth listening to are Diana Ross & The Supremes, Lauryn Hill, and Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Homeowner Achievement: Ran over the garden hose with the lawnmower and destroyed it! -50 POINTS

(And while typing this I realized there's almost certainly R.E.M. slash out there)

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