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I just don't have a timeline here anymore. Odd.

TWIST ENDING: I had recorded a vocal take (ahahahaha) into my iPhone, so I have something to fall back on. Huzzah!

Wrote lyrics for a song on what I thought was a web page that would save automatically, and then navigated away from it. You won't believe what happened next.

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I am trying not to make this about Mastodon, because I too have the desire not avoid discourse, BUT STILL, I can't help think about how the potential plateau-ing of innovation in social platforms might herald a new period of the democratisation of that knowledge. Think Xerox Parc -> Apple -> Everyone-else-who-build-a-WIMP-system

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No Federation/federated timeline puns or jokes yet, I see. That's a shame.

Pulled out the guitar for the first time in what felt like forever. And, many songs and chords totally fell into place. The stuff I taught myself with a good 20-25 years ago, still there, just dormant.

I still struggle with barre chords, and still don't form an A chord properly, but it's fun and that's what matters.

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"Do you remember this old laptop seeing as you're 42" asked about the original clamshell iBook son sit down here and let me tell you a story about a man named Steve Jobs

@Meyerweb Agreed. I'm finding the iOS client to be closer to Tweetbot, albeit a bit more rough around the edges for sure.

So hey. A note on the "good evening" stuff. That's a callback, largely, to folks who follow me on Twitter where I post a "good morning" daily.

Many people have told me (both IRL and not) that they dig the good morning tweets, and they're something they look forward to. A few people say hello back. A few more truly depend on it now, which blows my mind.

It's not an experiment, although perhaps it is, in secret. But it's consistent, and it is regular, and it's genuine.

@aedison I am seeing if I can largely transfer my reflex-like tendency to star things here. I don't know if it carries the same weight, but you're right about that "like and follow" thing.