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Paul McAleer

Just had this pop up in my to do list for no good reason; going to go ahead and say this will never happen.

My VIC-20 introduced me to the word “cyan” and for that I will always be thankful

I really miss fan sites.

The care, the writing, the craft, the page designs from people who really cared a lot about (potentially esoteric) things.

It’s mostly on Wikipedia now, mostly. We gained a lot with it. What’d we lose?

One of my son's favorite songs right now is "Africa" by Toto so I will take that little win

There’s a guy with a fucking MAGA hat on in the same space I am, AMA

Cool time to pull a calf muscle, v cool

Snow snow snow
Snow snow snow
Snow snow snow snow snow

Can a person live on milk chocolate covered almonds alone? I AM WILLING TO FIND OUT

"Causal" as a typo for "casual" will always remain one of my favorites

It's a small erosion of privacy and increased surveillance disguised as entertainment, and that's pretty damned unethical.

The purposes behind these apps are unknown, and that should invite criticism. "Let this mostly-unknown system identify me against a database of others after I upload my photo to it? DON'T MIND IF I DO!"

Just like:

If I wanted to train a system to get better at voices, I would wrap it in to a "record your voice saying these things" as a part of, say, a widely-used navigation app. I would make that fun, too.

If I wanted to train a system on how to compare faces for unknown/questionable purposes, I would release it as part of a "compare your face to another" app. Like, say, one that uses a database of paintings and makes it fun and educational. And I would push it all over social media.

In contrast: a new line from Target goes up to 4X (not perfect) and has sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing.

I find it charming that Uniqlo promotes their stuff as “accessible to all” and then their sizing stops at, like, XL or maybe 2X in women’s sizes. NICE TRY THERE

It was one of those “I’ll be back in ten minutes with the prescription!” turning into two hours of “The (insurance/drugstore) done messed up!” and now I am tired

Didn’t expect to be tossed into the hellscape that is triangulating insurance, prescriptions, and horrible drugstores this morning but here I am

I wish the Denver Post luck with their new $12/month paywall. But I don’t think it’ll succeed.