Today I learned that the CEO of Rocky Mountain PBS is a person named Amanda Mountain. How perfect is that?

Two things.

1: Going back to flickr has been a joy. Picked up mostly where I left off, and outside of the dormant groups... and contacts... it’s kind of quiet and peaceful.

2: Between this and flickr, I think I have a social media speed and amount I am comfortable with.

Joined flickr. First order of business was to upload a few new photos (first time in 3 years for public-facing stuff) and comb through the groups I was in. In one of them, I had posted the most recent discussion... and it was from 13 years ago!

My rationale here:

1. Not owned by a giant corporation
2. Social media that hasn't ripped apart the fabric of society (as far as I know)
3. Not expensive
4. Nostalgia

Would it be weird to go back to posting things on flickr?

(I said yes, because... a mocha... has coffee in it; that is the point)

I ordered a mocha at Dunkin' Donuts this morning and they asked me if I wanted "half coffee" and I am still confused by this

Pretty fun to be listening to Judge John Hodgman, and recognizing one of the litigants as @mathowie

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Flint has no clean water; here's a $2000 smartphone

I shouldn’t drag on Uniqlo’s site more than I do but this is a pretty funny UI bug, baby

Similar: Colorado is considering making plastic straws opt-in only in restaurants. But when I grocery shop, if I don't bring a bag, I get approximately TWO MILLION PLASTIC BAGS. So yeah, straws are really the big problem here

No matter what, every trash pickup day our recycling cart is full or overflowing – and our landfill cart is maybe half full. Would love it if I could get a larger bin AND, say, an incentive for putting less in the landfill.

Lastly, my 2015 post on the model for streaming services remains pretty accurate. "That all said, I see one natural conclusion for streaming services: they'll become music labels." If I were to update it, I'd position it more broadly.

Same thing Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Comcast, AT&T are doing / have done. It's wildly anti-consumer and if we had an FTC and FCC that were competent, maybe something would change. Alas.

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