Kinda sure I saw a singer/ songwriter I like in a stock photo and I'm a little shook by this

Didn’t We Almost Have It All in the Family Matters

A favorite LinkedIn bug (yes, I use LinkedIn, not ashamed) is when I occasionally click through to a people search and get ALL THE RESULTS it can throw at me. Sure, I'll go through 7.5 million people 20 at a time

gaming, mild fat shaming 

With no context, mind you – read briefly about a platformer called The Adventures of Chris, where the character is a "dorky, chubby" middle-schooler who *inflates like a balloon* to battle aliens.

Can't imagine any fat people on the creative staff for this. At all.

Only part of my letter from October that I'll share here: "And I also hope that you have a President Biden. If not, I hope you're on your way to Toronto."


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There seems to be a deliberate effort to remove waving from Zoom etiquette and I will not stand for it. Waving is critical communication at a distance and video meetings are at a distance. remains one of my favorite things ever. Just took a look and I've got a letter coming for me in a few days from last October, but more excitingly, I have a letter from December 2011 that'll be here this December. (A lot of the ones coming up are more on the 5-10 years ago scale.)

To make a PDF on iOS, you use... the Books app.


And no, there is no way for me to do this digitally.

My invoices from my provider are screenshots from their billing app, btw, so this whole thing is super cool.

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The year is 2021. To attempt to get money back from my insurance company about a large expenditure last year I need to fill in a form, print it out, print out the invoices, and send it in the US Mail.

At the insurance company someone will open the envelope, scan in my form, scan in my documents, validate they are legit, and then (hopefully) cut me a check.

When I get the check I will need to sign it, scan it with my app, and deposit it into my checking account.


Also notable: musician's sites are still the only ones that have intro pages! The spirit of Adobe Flash lives on.

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Pretty enjoyable when I visit a musician's site, they have a feed of their Twitter on it, and the last update was in 2018.

Listen. Update your website.

TIRED: "People born in the 90s are adults now"

WIRED: "People born in the 2000s are adults now"

Kinda floored that car colors are now fully in the "multiple shades of silver/grey" phase – one car I was browsing had FIVE SHADES available, along with black, white, red, and blue. COWARDS.

It's totally by-the-numbers, including the last chorus key change, but I still unabashedly love it.

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