"Valuable Links" is the new "Quick Links" (courtesy microcenter.com)

Turned on "increase contrast" in macOS for a few reasons (aesthetic and personal preference) and discovered today that Apple Music does NOT comply with it. This screenshot is what happens when one types in the search box... the search box is under this panel and 100% hidden!

Remember, kids, test your software

Hot garbage. Also, this has now locked me out of my health insurance account. GEE THANKS

US pol (Dem debate & occupier of the WH) 

I'm still on the Warren train, but I must respect Beto answering, "Yes" when asked about "coming for people's guns" (unfortunately... it was qualified with "Yes, coming for your [stupid automatic weapons by name]", but it's a good start) and then this campaign, which is another, "Holy shit, this is happening in my lifetime" moment.

The flowers this year are so numerous that I’m out of vases and fully in Ball jar territory. 💐

Flowers are a full month behind where they were last year; it’s been cooler and wetter. But man, I missed these blooms!

I shouldn’t drag on Uniqlo’s site more than I do but this is a pretty funny UI bug, baby

There is no “after” picture for cinnamon rolls because they are all gone

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