Almost feels like we need a fourth, independent branch of government that takes on purely operational and infrastructure aspects of our country – USPS, FCC, FTC, etc. etc.


And consider how pissed Sisko was about Wolf 359. And how seriously Starfleet took it COME ON NOW THAT IS FICTION AND THEY DID SO MUCH MORE

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11,000 people were killed or assimilated in the attack on Wolf 359, so the US Coronavirus response death toll is approximately 14 Wolf 359s.

Incidentally this bug also occurs for me in Apple Music – type in a search term, shows me the last page I was on. Try again, same thing. Third time? Works. WEBKITTTTTTTT

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"Valuable Links" is the new "Quick Links" (courtesy

@thomasfuchs Do agree! You’re right. I am curious what the end of Twitter looks like. (If you scroll all the way to Jack’s first tweet, maybe you get to be CEO or something)

...As are our lack of scrollbars.

No sense of space, no sense of control, just an endless stream of information that goes on forever.

Cool demo, though.

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We know conceptually that the internet doesn’t have an ending. But apps and sites should. And newsfeeds are the horrible byproduct of that design decision.

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Me: "Go to this URL."
Safari: "WHAT NO"
Me: "Go to this URL, for real."
Safari: "Nope!"
Me: "One more time: go to this URL."
Safari: "You got it."

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My all-time fave Safari bug is when I type in an URL, hit Return, the app goes "boop!", and then does nothing. Happens multiple times to me daily on both Mac & iPhone, has for years, no idea why. It's like it's ignoring my input.

John Lewis could go on the $10 bill, just saying

Me: [researches dog food options for weeks, makes a decision, buys new food for dogs]

Dogs, Day 1: Hey, great, new food!

Dogs, Day 2: No thanks, over it

2020, and having a single shared family photo repository without a ton of manual setup remains a lofty dream.

Imagine actually making a streaming service called Peacock and realistically thinking people will say, ever, "I watched it on Peacock"

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