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Rest assured I have been posting about pants on the internet for 25 years now and have never been compensated by a pants manufacturer for my essays nor photos

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The person I had lightly followed on Instagram for their daily OOTD looks (lightly = bookmarked, I have no account there) finally tipped over to full on ad mode with a Hello Fresh ad (""), so... yeah. To me it's just extraordinarily sad that whole world of influencers (guh) exists.

Well, _In the Dream House_ is fantastic so far.

Four snowstorms over the course of the week... definitely a very different winter than last year.

“What kind of work do you do?”
“Content strategy.”

“Now there’s something you don’t hear every day.”

this MLK day, consider actually giving Letter from a Birmingham Jail a read. It's not long, and MLK criminally gets mostly digested through trite soundbites and quotrs. His thoughts deserve to be read and understood in full.

The GOP is funneling trillions of dollars in useless and unprovoked wars but harass disabled people who just want to stay alive. You need to vote them out. They’re literally evil.

My all time fave Safari bug is: type in an address, browser refreshes current site instead of going to new address. It's one of those things I've just gotten used to because it's been broken so long.

It's almost like the whole "allow legal sports betting in Colorado and we'll have tons of money for water projects" thing was fabricated to get people to vote for it. What a coincidence, I am so surprised

Takeaway from two recent NYT articles: Because of the focus on Instagram and how something will photograph, fast fashion brands aren't making temporary style or fashion any more as much as they're making single purpose props and instant turnaround costumes.

("Fashion Nova’s Secret: Underpaid Workers in Los Angeles Factories"

"What Do Gen Z Shoppers Want? A Cute, Cheap Outfit That Looks Great on Instagram"

us pol / political parties 

So yes, we have a minority of a minority currently ruling the Senate and WH. Not representative at all.

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us pol / political parties 

One thing I'm tired of: this "the GOP and Dems are equal! TWO PARTIES BOTH SIDES" nonsense. The truth is different. It's not 50/50. It's not even close.

"In aggregate, 40% of all voters in party registration states are Democrats, 29% are Republicans, and 28% are independents. Nationally, the Democratic advantage in the party registration states approaches 12 million."

Me at every free hotel breakfast: I FIND YOUR LACK OF PROTEIN DISTURBING

us pol 

Michael Bennet is still running for President!

Imagine taking over a large independent music radio station in Colorado and thinking, "wow, we need to play a LOT more Beck"

Salvation Army PSA 

Here's my wintertime reminder to not donate to the fucking Salvation Army. They're a religious organization first and foremost, and they have been *very* anti-lgbt for their entire existence.

There are loads of other, real charities to donate to. Off the top of my head, Doctors Without Borders and Food Not Bombs are good ones.

I am sorry to report that Trader Joe's has changed its supplier for my coveted chocolate-covered peanut butter filled pretzels. They are, now, vastly inferior. Nothing gold can stay

Pretty typical current interior for comparison. I did love that you could be in the middle of nowhere and each store would still feel like an antique shop on Chicago's north side. Now, it looks like they're going for 2015 Arby's.

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